Friday, September 13, 2019

How Reading is Sexy.

The cheapest, easiest, and most time-tested way to sharpen your brain is right in front of your face. It’s called reading. And sharp brains are sexy.

Reading makes you smarter. And people find intelligence smokin’ hot. At least cool people do. Those who read tend to be more open-minded and empathetic, well versed in a variety of topics, more articulate, and perform better on standardized tests.
Reading signals to others that you are curious, inquisitive, interested in growth and further knowledge. This indicates a person who is more likely to be interesting and engaging.
Reading helps make you a better communicator. This lends to your being more appealing (and, more likely to be likable) to others, whether as a friend, prospective romantic partner, potential employee, or other.
Reading can assist in building your self-esteem. People with solid confidence and a stable sense of self-worth are far more appealing and attractive to others, as well as tend to attract and choose healthier relationships throughout their lives.
Reading improves your sense of focus and concentration, a skill necessary to further life skills and learning, as well as for the forming of deep connections and relationships with others.
An easy way to judge how open a person’s mind is, as well as in what they are interested, is to look at their book collection and see what they are putting in that brain of theirs.
In a study published in Science, David Comer Kidd and Emanuele Castano revealed the benefits of reading literary fiction. They found that reading literary fiction can help with deciphering emotions. This is important because “understanding others’ mental states is a crucial skill that enables the complex social relationships which characterize human societies,” they said. People who have these skills are far more attractive than those who do not.
If a date or prospective friend unabashedly admitted that they don’t read much because fiction or that reading “bores” them, I would be dumbfounded. How could using your imagination be such a bore, such a chore? How can diving headfirst into another world of your choosing be a drag? How could learning something new which interests you not be a fulfilling activity and pursuit?
People’s attitudes toward reading say something of their character, values, sense of curiosity and focus, their interest in learning and the greater world around them, and the workings of their inner mind.
Sex appeal is relative, but most people agree that less is moreThe forbidden is enticingThat which is hidden, we long to see revealed and know. Half dressed is sexier than undressed (want more psychological proof of this statement? Take a look at the widely read and clapped for article, “The Shocking Secret to Being Sexier”).
All of which connects to why reading is sexy.
Movies and television, they tend to show it all. We watch and see all of the details.
But books, they entice and reveal things slowly.
When you read, you must use your imagination, and you don’t get the whole story at once. You must puzzle, wonder, and piece it together yourself. You turn the pages and gradually the narrative is revealed, climbing slowly and building toward a climax.
People who read understand this and it becomes a part of them too. Thus, those who read tend to exhibit some of this same sense of mystery and of more tentative, slower revelation of themselves to others as individuals too.
They often live in such a way that is more romantic than others, observant, focused, insightful and thoughtful, and reveled in with greater intent.
Reading is way sexy. It also enriches and adds to your life in innumerable ways. Reading is the cheapest, most accessible, easiest way to add to your life (entertainment, further knowledge, additional life skills, experiencing the perception of another or an entirely different culture or world altogether- books teach us how to be human and how to live).

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