Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Becca came to visit from Prague!!!

My friend, Becca came to visit this past weekend from Prague.  This was a sweet surprising proposal from her.  She sent me a message about a week and a half ago, suggesting she come and visit!  I was thrilled by the idea :-) so I responded enthusiastically.

She arrived this past Thursday evening at 11pm upon where I met her at the main train station in Frankfurt and she stayed until Sunday at 4pm.

We had a GREAT weekend together!!!

In front of the Alte Oper in Frankfurt :-D

Really neat wine stand among the stalls at a street festival in Frankfurt.

Enjoying German Donar wraps!!!  YUM!!!  Mine with falafel and Becca's with ground beef.

In the famous Romerburg Square!

Bienenstich.  The BEST German dessert!!!

Thank you, Becca :-D so sweet.

Offenbach.  Where we ended up horribly lost on Friday night at 11pm...in the back slums of Offenbach by the water haha.

Offenbach....SO lost for an hour!!

Delicious picnic lunch!  Delectable German roll and cucumber with fresh cheese.  <3

Becca enjoying nachos!!!!!!

Oh. Yes.

Possibly the best all-you-can-eat brunch I have ever had.  This is just plate #1, by the way!

Annnnnd brunch plate #2 :-D with a crepe, watermelon, coconut cake, tiramisu and chocolate mousse.

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