Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hero's! Mouthwatering burgers have been found in Europe. Finally.

In terms of my weekend, I would say this one was a particularly delectable one.  Thumbs UP.  On Friday night, an American friend of mine told me he had found a burger place that served incredible burgers.  I looked at him doubtfully and said this was unlikely, as burgers in Europe fall far below the spectrum of what qualifies as a good burger in the US.  I would not use the word "incredible" to describe burgers in Europe, ever, as I have not found one here that's come close thus far.  So I dismissed his enthusiasm assuming he too, like myself, was desperate for a great burger and just settled having found one that was "good enough."

On Friday night though despite my doubts, I joined him to try out the burger place and judge for myself.  Whoa, was I wrong.  While the burgers here (at least in my book) do not quite measure up to American standards (which just have a juiciness about them, a flavor, a mouthwatering quality that cannot be beat), they were pretty dang good.  I might even say they were great.  Just a step below an American burger.  I was impressed and thus, REALLY enjoyed this experience.  Yum.

The restaurant is called Hero's!  Click here to check out their website

I had the burger called the Popeye.  It was topped with spinach, mushrooms, blue cheese, lettuce....Mmmmm.

And tried my first BANANA beer.  Wow.  I did not even know this kind of beer exists.  Incredible.  Lightly sweet and delicious.

A thing of beauty.

And on Sunday (today), I enjoyed an incredible all-you-can-eat buffet, American style food mixed with Australian food, with my friend, Judith.  LOVE this place!!!

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