Friday, June 27, 2014

Fun Field Trip!

So, one of the greatest parts of my job is getting to see different parts of not only Frankfurt but also of Germany as we take field trips often.  This is way cool.  Free mini sightseeing tours essentially.  On Wednesday of this past week, we went to a little castle about an hour away from Frankfurt for the day (though I am not sure I personally would classify this as a castle...more like an old, fancy house).  I got some wonderful photos, especially of the kids, none of which I am allowed to post on my blog :-( but I can post a few of the other photos from the day without the kid's faces in them that I took, for your viewing pleasure!

With my good friend, Judith.

Our little tent area.

The "Castle."  Though it was certainly old, and beautiful, I would not have called this a castle myself ;-)  I felt that was a tad misleading haha.

The way cool playground!!!

More of the play area.

Exploring with the kids.

Awesome views....

Its like a patchwork quilt!  So pretty.

Loved this cafe!!!  So elegant and Parisian looking, but look how fun in the top left corner!!!

Yes, those are fake plastic bugs in the top left corner where the hole is.  Made to look as if they are spilling out of the ceiling!!  So cool ;-)

Snapshot of the inside of the "castle."

Delectable carrot cake <3

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