Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Nuremberg, Germany!!!

Last weekend I went to Nuremberg for a short but sweet visit, to explore the town a bit, including the famed Christmas market.  Nuremberg is said to be one of the most beautiful towns in all of Germany.  Though I have seen little of Germany so far, based on what I have seen, I think I would have to agree.  It was lovely.  Charming, old, traditional Germany houses, winding little lanes with cobblestone walkways, just really beautiful.

This was a little walkway I ducked through.  I was shocked at what was inside.  The most beautiful, tiny little Germany cottages, which had now been converted into shops.  Whoa.  This was really, really lovely.  See the photos below for the packed yet incredibly charming area.

Really cute little Crepe stand.

The traditional German gingerbread.

Loved this building.  It reminded me of an old castle tower.  The balloon placement was odd, so I decided to keep them in the photo ;-)

Annnnd...Old Town Square, absolutely filled with all the shop stalls.

All one can see from above are the tops of the shop stalls.

I absolutely LOVE these.  It is my goal to get 2-3 of these.  They are so incredibly cute and charming, really sweet.

These were hilarious candles.... ;-)

PACKED with people.

I love these buildings.  The small one in the middle with the green trim made me think of either Stuart Little's house or the house from Up (movie).  Sweet.

This would be the train station in Nuremberg!!!  How HUGE, imposing and intense is that??  Way cool.

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