Sunday, December 28, 2014

Weekend in Heidelberg

This past Friday (December 26) and Saturday (December 27) evenings, I spent those nights in Heidelberg.  This city is said to be one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in Germany.  I was pleasantly surprised.  It is stunning.  The city was slightly reminiscent for me, of New England, as it was set to a backdrop of rolling mountains peaked in snow.  A really picturesque and romantic city for sure.  This city has secured the number two slot in the list of my favorite cities in Germany (its closely followed by Rothenberg).

Annnnnd my breath literally caught when I looked out of the hotel room window on Saturday morning and saw snow falling!!!  I have not seen snow in about two years now.  I know.  Shameful as a New Englander ;-) such a sad thing.  So this THRILLED me.  It looked magical and shimmery in the streetlights.

I love taking photos on Sunday as we walked around with snow still covering the rooftops and hills.  It was really, really lovely.  Though unfortunately it was REALLY cold, like bitterly cold outside.  But overall, I really loved this city.

View of the snow from hotel room window.

This was funny.  The FU Academy...haha.

Loved the beautiful lit buildings with the backdrop of the snowy peaks.

Walking along the river.

Stunning.  One of my future homes ;-) nestled in the hills.

Heidelberg Castle.

The entrance to Old Town.

Inside of the diner.  Sunday breakfast!
Eggs, hashbrowns, bacon and chocolate chip pancakes.

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