Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Storybook Christmas Market...

This past Sunday, December 21, I ventured the two hours away to Rothenberg.  Supposedly their Christmas market is the best one in all of Germany.  This city is truly stunning in and of itself.  It resembles a village out of a storybook.  Rothenberg was  founded in the year 970!  Its said to be one of the best preserved medieval towns in the country.  You can read more about the city history here.  I would have to say its become my own personal favorite town in Germany.  I have not thus far seen a town more charming, romantic or lovely.
See below for photos of the city and Christmas market...
Look closely at the awning to that Hotel.  So sweet, isnt it?
Snowballs, the towns famed treat.  And actually, they taste awful.  One can purchase a snowball in a variety of flavors, as you can see above, but they are essentially just dry, tasteless dough rolled into balls and covered in a topping.
Look at how charming and gorgeous all the buildings are in this city!  They ALL look like this.  Like colorful gingerbread cookie cutouts.
My favorite photo!

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