Saturday, January 3, 2015

Standout Moments of 2014

Hi All,

Happy 2015!!

As the year 2014 has come to a close, I am feeling a bit nostalgic and inspired regarding the past year and all that I have experienced.  A friend of mine asked me recently, "did you do that yet?  Think back on the past year and everything you have done?"  I told him, "actually, I haven't even thought about it."  Which is what made me decide to do that today.  Has anyone else found themselves doing the same?  Reflecting on the year they have just lived.  I found myself taking a trip down memory lane and sifting through the photos that reflect all I have done thus far.  And then I decided I would share a bit of it here :-D

Sort of a year in photos, if you will.

  1. Moving to Europe!!  Prague to be exact.  

  2. Munich, Germany for Oktoberfest!!!  

  3. Completing my TEFL course and thus, becoming a certified English teacher.  Woo hoo!!!

  4. Making the decision to move to Germany.  

  5. Landing a teaching job in Frankfurt, Germany just FOUR days shy of my 90-day visa expiring.  Whoa.  Overall, I loved this job.  I taught English to 5 year olds, and what fun.  I loved coming up with different creative, silly or fun lessons for them to teach them English vocabulary.  This was just super sweet.
    The school I worked at, on the left side (cream colored with brown trim).

  6. Becoming close friends with these people :-D (as well as a few who aren't pictured).

  7. Salzburg, Austria with Becca (who I met during my TEFL course in Prague).  Salzberg was gorgeous.   A small, peaceful town painted in lots of bright, light colors.  Mountains surrounded the city, a small river wound its way through the middle, welcoming cafes on most street corners, and the huge white fortress dominating the hilltops in the background.  Salzberg was incredibly charming and lovely.

    This was a stunning cemetery.

  8. Becca then came to visit me here in Germany for a long weekend :-D so much fun. 

  9. My first SOLO trip ever.  One week in Italy, all on my own.  And it was FANTASTIC. 

  10. Wonderful surprise birthday party that was thrown for me by one of my incredibly sweet friends.  This was great fun and made me feel so special <3 

  11. Baking my own bread for the first time, from scratch.  Came out delicious!! 

  12. Creating a group on with my friend, Judith called "Sweet Meets."  This has been GREAT fun!!!  A really cool experience.  We have roughly 50 members now and more continue to request to join our group.  We've had about 8 meetups so far, with members attending each meetup ranging from 7-13 people!  This has been an exciting and fun thing Judith and I have shared for the past 6 months.

  13. Discovering BOMB burgers here in Frankfurt.  You see, finding a good burger over here is something I liken to finding a needle in a haystack.  Delicious burgers are in short supply on this side of the pond.  So being introduced to the burgers at Hero's.  This was an "Oh my" moment. 

  14. Paris this past October. 

  15. Throwing an American-style Thanksgiving dinner party.  And the food turned out great!!  Success.  (Notice the salad in a cake pan ;-)) 

  16. Christmas markets galore!!  I am loving these each year.  They are magical, romantic (especially when it's snowing and depending on the town the market is held in) and lots of fun to wander around and explore. 

  17. Heidelberg, Nuremberg and Rothenberg :-D all gorgeous, charming, storybook-like towns. 

  18. Witnessed the first snowfall I have seen within the past two years!!!!  This was incredibly exciting for me, myself being a New Englander and having really come to miss seeing snow. 

What things have each of you done in 2014 that were just totally awesome??

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