Wednesday, July 1, 2015

To Travel is to Live

LOTS of adventures in the mix for the next year.  I am not fully sure how I will make it all happen yet, but I will  :-)  because as experience has taught me about myself thus far in my own life, when I set my mind to something, I am generally pretty good at taking the steps to make it happen.

So, without further ado, here are the travel plans that are in the works (and in my highest hopes) for the next year:

A weekend, this August, 2015, to Berlin, Germany with my great friend, Judith!!!  Unfortunately this is only for about 1.5 day (a Saturday, staying over that evening, and then part of Sunday), but the tickets were a total steal.  Just 35 euro ROUND TRIP for a train ticket.  I actually didn't believe her when she told me this!!  Therefore, we will be able to do this trip for quite cheap.

During my holiday/vacation from school during this upcoming October, 2015: Budapest, Hungary for about 3-4 days with another one of my great friends, Somayeh.  I am really psyched for this.  At that point, I will not be as stressfully broke as I am at the moment (my current job really did a number on me regarding my contract and salary quite recently, a shocking story for another day.  The silver lining though?  I secured another job at a much better school, working with older children, making slightly more money, and with more vacation time!  BOO YEAH!).  I have never been to Budapest but have heard great things :-D

This is a big one.  I am already counting down the days for it.  My trip to the USA!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have not been back there in two years.  Its strange because I still feel just as close with nearly all of the people to whom I was close when I originally left.  But yet, it does feel like its been a long time since I have been there.
I will visit both New Hampshire (where I am originally from) and Boston (where I lived for the previous 6 years or so, prior to moving to Europe).  These are two of my very favorite places ever.

I already have lists written of: foods I must eat, people I must see, and products (all edible) that I must purchase to bring back to Europe with me ;-)
I am incredibly thrilled for this.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire

New Hampshire

New Hampshire

Boston.  One of the best cities ever!!!  Boston really does "have it all" in terms of being an awesome place to live.

And finally, my big travel goal for 2016, as mentioned in a previous post fairly recently, I am going to backpack around Europe next summer (July/August, 2016) for about 4 weeks.  I am SOOOOO incredibly excited, thrilled and full of anticipation for this.  Majorly.  I have never done something like this before.

A friend of mine has told me a bit about how she took an entire year off between schooling to travel all over the world (she went to the USA, Asia and a bit through Europe).  I sadly would never have the funds to do something this major.  I am the lucky carrier of the heavy burdensome chains around my neck that one can label "student loans."  In Europe, whenever I tell friends or people I become acquainted with about this, they are aghast.  People can generally go to school for little cost, to often even free of cost over here.  Not a single person I know in Europe has anything like a "student loan."  One of the wonderful things about Europe.

With that said, this is still an experience I desperately want to have, and can have.  Just on a smaller scale in terms of the duration of the trip (and thus, the cost) :-)

But I am THRILLED for this adventure.

The itinerary is still vague, but as of now, these are the places I want to hit during my backpacking adventure....
(Speaking of which, planning the itinerary is nearly as exciting for me as the idea of the actual trip ;-))

Ghent, Belgium

The incredibly famous light festival in Belgium.

Mont St. Michel in France.

Paris, France

Nice, France

Villefranche Sur Mer (part of the French Riviera, close to Nice)
Eze, France (close to Nice and Villefranche Sur Mer).  This town is supposed to be breathtaking, literally on the top of a mountain, with tiny, cobblestoned, winding streets.

Barcelona, Spain



Lisbon, Portugal.  I just love it there.


The Algarves, Portugal.  These are supposed to be some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world.

The Algarves

Algarves again....

The Algarves :-D stunning.

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  1. Thumbs up to these great travel plans Brooke! This is why you are spending time in Europe to see all sorts of wonderful places. As your father I am very proud of you!