Sunday, October 23, 2016

Departing in just 24 hours for....

Hi all!!

I am thrilled to report that in just 24 hours, I will be departing for a place that's been at the very top of my "must see" list for years now.  The French Riviera!!!!!  So much about this spot entices me.  The sun shimmering water, the colorful, untouched-by-time fishing villages.  The fact that the Rolling Stones recorded the best rock and roll album of all time here when at one of the lowest points of their lives.  Hopefully some amazing seafood.  Wandering the winding narrow cobbled alleyways and hilltop medieval towns.  Taking loads of photos.  I just cannot wait.

I am equally excited because, while I find just as much joy and fun in traveling with a loved one, I also LOVE to travel alone.  Haven't done it?  Its the bomb.  A lifetime must try.  Here is a fun article to try and convince you, about why traveling alone at least once in your life is the best thing ever and a must do.

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