Sunday, October 9, 2016

Weekly wanderings, edible adventures and more...

Hi all :-D

I haven't done one of these posts in ages, so I figured it was time.  Here are photos from my cell phone from the past few weeks.  Fun happenings in Frankfurt with favorite people and delicious eats :-)

Tried my hand at making a rustic looking cake.  Unfortunately the cake fell out of the pan in pieces, literally chunks.  So I had to try and mash it back together in a semi-presentable looking fashion.  This is the result.  Ignore the orange visible pieces.  This is a sugar-free, gluten-free chocolate cake made entirely from sweet potatoes, rice flour, water, honey and cocoa powder.  The orange pieces are just sweet potato.  For those who are recoiling in disgust imaging the taste of the sweet potato (though really, you don't know what you are missing.  Sweet potatoes are AMAZING!!), you cannot even taste them!  It tastes like a dense, fudgy, rich chocolate cake.  My friends were aghast that it was sugar and grain free :-D

Some of my favorite neighborhoods/homes in Frankfurt.  Love these.  Reminds me a bit of Boston.

One of Frankfurt's many way-cool concepts.  Free-standing libraries on random street corners.  Take a book, leave a book.  Do either one or both.  Awesome.

With my wonderful friend, Bhakti <3

Writing space.  Getting down to business.

Frankfurt Palmengarten with Judith <3

Want to read it.  Snapped a photo so I wouldn't forget... ;-)

Brunch with Dali at Ginkgo in Frankfurt :-D

Recipe testing with coconut flour...

Great afternoon at Sugar Mama with a stellar person in my life.  Read all about one of the best cafes in Frankfurt here!

An unexpected gift from someone special in my life <3 made my day.

Friends <3

And now, a few of my favorite friendship quotes:

LOVE this house.  Like something out of a sweet little fairy tale.

Older photo, but had a really fun coffee/tea date with my awesome friend, Travis this past weekend :-)

Picnic in the park with someone wonderful :-).  The pancakes were also wonderful ;-)

One of my favorite. meals. ever.  Mmmmmmm :-D

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