Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Most Fantastic in Frankfurt

Hi all,

No long introduction necessary here.  Its been three years now that I have been living here in Germany!!  INSANE how time flies.  In some ways, it feels like I couldnt have left Boston more then a year ago.  This means I have been in Frankfurt for about 2.5 years now, and during that time, I feel I have amassed a pretty good list of go-to awesome spots, including mouthwatering food, picturesque areas to walk, charming cafes and more.  So, without further ado, here is a smattering of them:

Bitter und Zart.  Swanky, old time glam vibes here.  Like a swinging 1920s tea shop.  One side of the space is a gourmet, upscale chocolate shop.  The other side is a cafe/dessert place.  Great place to bring your favorite girlfriends to drink tea, eat cake and talk/laugh the evening or afternoon away.

The Main River.  Grab a coffee/tea to-go, a great friend, and come walk along the Main together.  Even better, in warmer months bring along a picnic.

Tradition with one of my BFFs.  We loved to grab cake somewhere to go and come sit on the Main, talking and talking.  So great :-D

Iimori.  Shabby-chic Japanese themed tea shop.  They have AMAZING green tea torte here.  They also have what I have heard is a fabulous Sunday brunch.  The matcha cinnamon buns always look SO enticing.  I will sample one eventually.  Its on my "to try" list in the near future.  In the meantime though, Iimori is always a great place to go.

My take on their MOUTHWATERING green tea cake. 

Fletchers.  Straddling the line between fast food style and sit-down restaurant, the burgers here rank among the best I have found in Frankfurt (and taste the closest to an authentic American style burger).

Jamys.  The runner up in my "favorite burgers of Frankfurt" lineup.  I was shown this gem by my friend, Travis, thank god, because the food here is tasty.  Jamys has an AWESOME portobella mushroom burger stuffed with cheese.  Amazing.

The Romerberg.  Yes, its cliche in terms of Frankfurt sightseeing but I love it.  This square, to me, is gorgeous.  Definitly a focal point of Frankfurt.  Totally German, super charming, enchanting and totally eye-catching.

Sugar Mama CafeMy favorite cafe in the city.  This is my "writing spot."  I come here every week to crank out some writing, or to read with a warm tea to drink.  Ive brought numerous friends here as well!  Its one of my main meeting spots, really.  Both with friends and to venture on my own.  Sugar Mama has delicious cakes, great grilled sandwiches and quiches, brownies, cookies and more, along with a cozy atmosphere to boot.  I highly recommend it.

One of my many Sugar Mama visits ;-)

Birthday celebration I had at Sugar Mama :-)

Cafe Crumble.  Another favorite cafe.  I like their wooded & cream decor, the simplistic interior which somehow feels warm and inviting, the cakes which are tasty and homemade, and the staff which is made up of friendly, wonderful people with a few super cute guys thrown into the mix ;-)  I can always find an excuse or good reason to come here.
Cafe Crumble is also my go-to spot with my friend, Sally as well as my usual destination for penning my Christmas cards each year.

Ginkgo.  One of the best brunches I have ever had in Frankfurt.  They also serve up REALLY tasty food in general.  I have eaten a number of memorable dishes here.  An excellent veggie burger, sweet potatoes in a skillet with goat cheese and veggies, a delicious club sandwich, a phenomenal appetizer platter, etc.

Berger Strasse.  Love this street.  Totally happening.  Chalk full of cute, quaint cafes, delicious restaurants and inviting bars.  Also numerous swanky/unique boutique shops line the avenue which beckon the shopping bug within.

Contemplating an artsy purchase while wandering Berger strasse with a great friend.  Loved these postcards!  So cool!

Leipzeiger Strasse.  Another great street in Frankfurt.  Leipzeiger has the coolest/most electric/intriguing/diverse variety of food shops I have found together, anywhere in the city.  This is the perfect street to walk down and assemble picnic supplies before heading to the nearby Palmengarten.

Westend.  One of my favorite areas in the city to just walk and wander.  This may be Frankfurt at its most photogenic.  Stately, ornate, gorgeous, eye-catching, regal, just really lovely.  The westend has parks, quaint cafes and tree lined streets with swirls of red and orange leaves now filling the curbsides.

The Palmengarten.  A huge, absolutely gorgeous garden in the center of Frankfurt.  One could easily spend an afternoon here.  Bring a book, a picnic and a friend.  You could spend an hour or two just wandering the gardens.  There is a small pond where one can rent a paddle boat or canoe.  Chairs to lounge on and read in the sun.  The list goes on.

Last autumn in the gardens with V <3

Specifically the Sachertorte at Cafe Siesmayer.  This cafe is directly attached to the Palmengarten.  Its an upscale spot.  I personally would come here just for the Sachertorte.  Its excellent.  The best I have found in the city.  They have numerous other luscious sweets on offering though.

Brunch at Yours and Cafe Albatross.  Two more excellent brunch spots here in Frankfurt.  The brunch spread at Yours is hands down, the best I have found in Frankfurt and possibly the best I have found anywhere.

Brunch at my place ;-p.  I had to throw in silly/fun one.  For those who know me personally, or really anyone who reads this blog, you know just how much breakfast tugs at my heart strings.  My favorite meal of the day, no question.  Jokes aside though, I have gotten decently skilled at cooking a pretty damn good breakfast.  See photos below (all my own creations and photos). 
Yes, it tastes as good as it looks.  No false advertising here.

For a number of these recipes, look no further.

Schweizer Platz.  I love this area of Frankfurt.  There is a sultry and totally delicious tapas restaurant housed here, the film museum in Frankfurt is can be found close by.  There are numerous excellent restaurants and cool cafes.  Its just a great place to wander in Frankfurt.

Good Times for Good People.  My favorite bar in the city.  The site of my 30th birthday party, as well as numerous silly/memorable/awesome nights out with Somayeh, one of my best friends, were spent here.  I love the vibe of this bar.  Sexy, a bit sultry, inviting, cozy, slightly cramped, but relaxed and cool.  The music is always good.  The drinks are a bit pricey, but usually one is more than enough ;-)

Zeit fur Brot.  First off, I have not really stumbled into any bakeries within Frankfurt that offer cinnamon rolls.  This bakery has them.  Secondly, and more importantly, they are DELICIOUS.  They offer a wide range of flavors.  Poppy seed and almond, chocolate, rhubarb, apple cinnamon, the list goes on.  So good.  Absolutely come here to sample one of these to-die-for treats.

Destino.  My favorite tapas restaurant in the city.  The atmosphere is slightly pretentious.  Pretty upscale.  But the food is EXCELLENT.  Tapas run about 4-5 euro each, so a bit on the pricey side.  But every single thing I have ever sampled here is just amazing.  Definitly come here once, ideally with a group of friends, and split a bunch of tapas around the table.  You will not regret it.


  1. Wow thanks for the list. I don't live far from frankfurt and I have no idea where to take people when they come to visit!

    1. You are very welcome :-) I hope now you find some new favorites in the city with my suggestions!! Thank you for the comments!

  2. Great post for new city dwellers...danke

    1. You are very welcome. I am glad you like it :-) thank you for the comments!

  3. Have you discovered cafe Metropole behind the Dom. Their brunch menu is outstanding. During good weather there is a nice outside dining area.

    1. I have not. But now, thanks to your suggestion, I will be going there ASAP and trying it out!! ;-) thank you so much for the suggestion. And for your comments!

  4. Amazing! You made me believe in Frankfurt again!