Sunday, December 25, 2016

Best Shots from December

Merry Christmas, all!!

This will be a photo heavy expose, with limited description and wording.  Some of the best shots from this past month, both from my cell phone as well as taken on my own camera.

I hope everyone had a delicious and joyful day today!

I will begin fittingly with the pictures I took from today.  Christmas day dinner :-D which was the bomb diggity.

Christmas day dinner.  YUM!!!  Pumpkin macaroni and cheese.  Shrimp, blackberry and goat cheese salad.  Green beans.

Up close and personal of the Pumpkin Macaroni and Cheese.  Mmmmmm.

Snowfall on my street a few weeks ago.  My god.  Magic.  This is only the second snowfall I have ever experienced here in Germany.  I LOVED this.

My street <3

Christmas cookie baking and decorating extravaganza to make up boxes for my friends :-D

Dinner party with fabulous friends.

Weekend in Hamburg with one of my BFFs.  Miss her a lot.  Frankfurt isn't the same without her here.

Christmas market in Hamburg.

Potato pancakes.  The BEST traditional German Christmas market food.

Some of my own baking/cooking creations and photos...

For ALL of the recipes to each of these edibles, go check out my other blog!  Sweet. Raw. Free.

Going to watch the new J.K. Rowling movie.  It was AMAZING!!!!!

Phenomenal brunch at Jesse James.  Delicious.

Super cute Christmas market sweets ;-)

Peek inside of a gluhwein stall!!!

Famous German gingerbread and cinnamon stars.  Delish.

Food with a fantastic friend at Sugar Mama.  Mmmmmm.

A "moving library" on a public transport bus!  How COOL is that!?  They have these on all the buses in Hamburg.  I may have to move here... ;-p

Christmas market in Hamburg.

Frankfurt Christmas market.

Some Christmas vacation reading underway, paired with a hot tea and a tiny, perfect little petit four.

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