Sunday, December 4, 2016

Delectable Dinner Party!!

Happy Weekend, Everyone :-D

I think dinner parties are one of the best things ever.  They are an especially perfect December activity, as the weather gets colder and the temptation rises to stay indoors.  What can one do with this added time inside?  Host a dinner party!!!  Delicious food, laughter, great friends, not much can beat all of that in combination.  These are some of the best things of life.

So, this past Saturday, I hosted a small dinner.  There were just five of us in attendance, which is less than my usual crowd, but it was small but totally sweet.  Loads of fun.  The dinner was potluck style.  I prepared an entree and a boatload of desserts.  And then each guest brought something as well.
On the menu was:

Quinoa salad with apples
Quiche made with goat cheese, egg and carrots.
A saccharine and super tasty homemade schnapps drink.
Make-your-own beauty bowls (with falafel, mango, pepper, goat cheese, red onion and sweet potato).

Continue to scroll down for more photos and for the delectable desserts that followed...

The friends in attendance were: Erika, Lisa, Dali and Ricarda :-D

With Erika (left) and Lisa (right).

PS. Fun moment: this was a haphazard photo snapping on the subway a couple weeks ago, after having seen the AWESOME new J.K. Rowling movie, "Fantastic Beasts."  Hence, our goofy grins ;-)

Dali and Ricarda

A favorite photo of mine, Dali and I from this past summer.

And, the following was consumed in vast quantity for dessert:

A rustic pumpkin chocolate cake, which is refined sugar-free, gluten-free and lactose-free.  You cannot taste the difference between this and a chocolate cake that is loaded with sugar.  Its that awesome. ;-)

Carrot cake cupcakes, also refined-sugar free and gluten free. 
Blackberry poppy seed cheesecake.  Also refined sugar-free and gluten-free.  This recipe will be posted on Sweet. Raw. Free. within 48 hours!

Everyone enjoyed the food, lots of conversation, laughter, and the evening concluded with two rousing games of Mille Bornes.  We had an initial crash course, during which I taught everyone the rules.  Then, we jumped right into the trenches of the game.  The game quickly grew silly and playfully cut-throat.  The dinner/card playing/tea and cake eating/entire evening concluded after about four hours.  A great success :-D woo hoo!!

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