Monday, March 13, 2017

Day Trip to Bad Nauheim

Hi all,

This past Saturday, I zipped off to Bad Nauheim with my small-town-jaunts, partner in crime, Sally.

The following several photos are the spa/bath grounds.  Back in the day, people came from all over Germany and throughout Europe to spend time here at the natural baths which are supposed to be chock full of good-for-you minerals and healing properties.  They are still in use today, though not nearly as booming or trendy. 

Now, on to photos of the Old Town part of Bad Nauheim.  The old towns are where my heart can be found in most European cities.  Picturesque, magical, romantic, colorful, I love wandering these narrow streets and snapping photos of all the architecture and alleys that feel as though one has stepped back in time.

Our view during lunch.

Sally and I had a delicious lunch at Der Genuss Laden, a little cafe and bistro.  The inside was decorated in warm wood, the intertior sunny, cozy and inviting.  The chairs were oh-so-comfy, which both Sally and I commented on.  She ate pesto pasta with cherry tomatoes, which looked delicious.  I had fried eggs with sides of bacon and avocado.  The eggs were perfectly done, buttery, totally tasty.  I would highly recommend this cute little spot if visiting Bad Nauheim.  The desserts looked excellent.  Several other menu offerings sounded enticing.

And now, more Old Town photos ;-)

This was an absolutely gorgeous street.

Here (the following photos), we explored another spa/bath grounds.  Check out these wrought iron, intricately carved, colorful doors.  And the architecture, romanesque and stately.

This is one such spot where you can sample the supposedly awesomely healthy mineral water which flows naturally to the baths and spas.  You can pay for a glass, which is said to be excellent for your health.  Sally and I have sampled such water during a past day trip to Bad Hamburg.  The taste was repulsive.  Salty, overwhelming, I could barely choke it down.  So we opted out of a tasting this time around.

Apparently come spring and summer time, one can pay to enter this structure (the door is partially visible in the photo above, white, wooden and on the right).  You sit inside, breathing in deeply for 15 minutes or so.  Its supposed to essentially deep clean your lungs.  Great for your respitory health.

Guess who lived here?  In the large white house with purple-ish shutters on the photos initial left.  I will give you a hint.  "Aint nothing but a hound dog. crying all the time."  Yup, that would be Elvis Presley.  He lived in this very house during the time he was stationed over here via the military.

One more shot of where Elvis lived.

The field in which Elvis played soccer and football.

The city library.  How charming and beautiful is this?

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