Sunday, March 5, 2017

Weekly Wanderings in Hamburg and Frankfurt

Hi all,

I decided on Sunday for posting some weekly wanderings.  My edible and literal adventures of the past couple weeks :-D
Along with lots of DELICIOUS food.  Keep scrolling down to see some major food porn (and where you can eat these awesome items).

Brunch in Hamburg at an American diner!!!  Doris Diner to be exact.  DELISH!

Hamburg to visit one of my very best friends.  Frankfurt isn't the same without her.

Awesome brunch spread with Dali.

Sunday night basketball game with colleagues and friends :-)

Colleagues, but have grown into even better friends ;-)

Delicious breakfast with Melissa and Davor.

A beautiful homemade gift from someone sweet and special <3

Reading for March.  EXCITED!!! :-D

Lavender Honey Scones.  YUM!!  You can find the recipe for these light, lovely breakfast bites here.

Pomegranate and dark chocolate bits, one of the best snacks ever.

Sweet potato and bean enchiladas.  Mmmmmmm.  Here's how to make them.

Matcha pancakes with raspberries and chocolate chips.  These were the BOMB!  Less than 10 minutes to make, here you go.  Enjoy for your next brunching session.

How awesome does this Blueberry & Blackberry Vanilla Tart look?  Don't be fooled, not just another pretty face, its also delicious, light, juicy, oh-so-yummy.

Melt-in-your-mouth pumpkin cookies.  Awesome tea or coffee accompaniment.

Matcha cake with buttercream frosting and raspberries.  This one was devoured in one afternoon by myself and friends.  Don't believe me?  Make it yourself and see how delectable it is.

Earl Gray brownies with coconut cream on top.  YUMMY!  I devoured these ones mostly myself ;-)

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