Sunday, March 19, 2017

Happening Heidelberg

Hi all,

This past Saturday was a fabulous day trip adventure spent in Heidelberg with Erika, my great friend and colleague.  (Lisa, we missed you). 

The entire day was a blast.  Though slightly overcast and gray, we walked from the train station across Heidelberg to the old town, roughly a 45 minute walk.  We chatted the entire time about a variety of topics.  Work, guys, our families, food, things we love, dream jobs.  We giggled and laughed.  We told each other stories. 

A lunch of burgers was devoured, then we ascended the hill towards the castle.  The quintessential Heidelberg activity.  Next time I am there, I intend to climb the hill on the other side of the river though.  So that my view of Heidelberg has the castle in it ;-)

We had a ball wandering the castle grounds and taking photos, talking all the while.  The late afternoon was spent wandering the famous shopping street of Heidelberg.  Leaps and bounds more beautiful than the main shopping drag in Frankfurt, the "Zeil" which is downright ugly.  The famous shopping street in Heidelberg is a mass of colorful, ornate architecture and beautiful design.  Eye-catching, charming, lovely.

We popped in and out of various shops, grabbed teas to go and then come 5pm, headed back towards the train station to catch our Flixbus to Frankfurt.  Twelve euro total for the round trip.  A steal of a deal when compared to a train ticket which costs 40 euro round trip.  I cannot believe I just discovered Flixbus!! 

The day was a stellar one.  I was shocked to find we talked easily throughout the entire day.  Erika offered the wonderful compliment of "you are great to talk to/tell things to.  You should be a counselor, Brooke," she told me.  "Just...the way that you respond is different from other people."  Wow.  That filled my heart.

I too loved her company.  Erika is easy to talk to, funny, warm hearted, interested in others, thoughtful, intelligent/insightful and great fun to be with.  I always have an great time with her.

Eight hours was spent together and it flew by.  Marvelous day, for sure.  Next adventure, here we come!!!

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Our view during lunch <3

My personal favorite square in Heidelberg.

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