Friday, March 31, 2017

More Fantastic Frankfurt Spots

Hi all,

As many of you may have read, I have already written several articles on my favorite Frankfurt spots.  A long list of charming cafes I love to frequent.  Delicious food spots.  Fun places to hang out.  Peaceful/scenic spots for wandering.

I decided to make another list of fabulous spots in the city but this time, listing a plethora of new ones because I realize much of my articles tend to repeat some of the same places.

Berry Cafe.  While I have only been here twice, its a sweet little spot with an inviting outdoor patio on the side of Leipziger Strasse in Frankfurt (quiet but subtly bustling and lovely).  With an array of inviting eats on offer and affordable prices, I would recommend Berry for sure.

Glauburg Cafe.  I love the interior of this place.  Cozy and warm.  The exposed brick and nature-esque theme is inviting and lovely.  The breakfast on weekends is excellent, making for an always packed cafe.  Get here early to get the good stuff, and the good seats.

Milch und Zucker.  While the interior is nothing to write home about, the cheesecake is awesome, the latte art impressive, the biscotti is delicious (and I typically despise biscotti).  In general its a really nice place to sit with a hot drink, a sweet and to hang out. 

Whats Beef.  I came here once so cannot offer too definitive of a review but the burgers were tasty and man oh man, will you look at that diabetic nightmare (or fantasy, depending on your mindset) of a milkshake??  I dont know whether to be amazed or repulsed.  However if you are feeling daring (and hungry), come here to sample one of these monsterous "Freak Frappes" that seem to be taking the burger world by storm.  (And please, report back to me on how it was, and whether or not you survived!!)

Vevay.  I stumbled acorss this place last week with Judith and have to say, was super impressed.  The food is vegan and DELICIOUS, whoa.  Well seasoned, an inventive and enticing menu, the interior colorful and bright, our waiter certainly not bad on the eyes.  Vevay earned many checkpoints on my list.  I loved it and will most certainly be back.  Slightly on the pricey side but we both agreed, well worth what we paid.  (Anticipate about 12-15 euro for a main dish and drink together).

Green Thai.  Another delicious restaurant on the healthier side of things.  My favorite dish is the rice with grilled vegetables, all in a coconut curry sauce.  Bomb.  They have loads of rice/noodle stirfry entrees on offering here.  The inside is clean, simple and organic looking.  Bright and warm.  Its a place you can feel good about eating at while actually enjoying what you are eating. 

Baltique.  Melissa introduced me to this one and I was impressed.  They offer an expansive menu of pancakes, either with regular flour, whole wheat or buckwheat!  Your choice.  (In case you didnt know, buckwheat isnt a grain.  Its wheat/gluten-free and SUPER healthy for you).  The buckwheat pancake I had with mushrooms, spinach and cheese was excellent so I highly recommend this place.  Affordable, delicious, and healthy.  The cute, charming atmosphere doesnt hurt.

Cafe Caramel.  Another cafe with great atmosphere.  The inside has several birch bark motifs paired with lots of wooden touches and plush seating.  The food is delicious.  Salads, meat and fish dishes, pastas and a smattering of tasty looking cakes on display.  They have a sizable outdoor seating area for when the weather warms.  This is a great little spot.

Zeit fur Brot.  Two words.  Cinnamon rolls.  This place knows how to do them and does them well.  And man, do they have a variety.  Cinnamon rolls in flavors like almond poppyseed, apple crumble, bittersweet chocolate, rhubarb, the list goes on.  I have sampled a couple different ones and loved all.  The inside is endlessly packed, a line out the door.  To me, thats a testament to how excellent the food is.

Holy Cross Brewing Society.  This spot is a bit of an edgy, hipster hangout.  Lots of tattoed artist types spill inside and out, throughout the day.  Coffee and tea comes served in fun containers such as beakers, test tubes and interesting looking pots.  The desserts are creative and look super delectable.  The interior is small, not much comfortable seating which is the drawback.  But otherwise, loving the vibe in here.

Naschmarkt am Dom.  Whimsical is the word for this place.  Half cafe, half knick knack and sweet shop.  Colorful, totally charming and sweet.  Their desserts are super yummy.  On offering includes brownies, petit fours, a variety of cakes, cookies and chocolates.  This is the perfect place to come grab a small gift for someone (likely edible and in lovely packaging).  Its also a fabulous spot to have tea, offering an unobstucted view of the Dom Romer cathedral just down the street.

ConditCouture Bakery.  One of the better bakeries in Frankfurt, situated just on the edge of the Romerberg square.  The wallpaper in here is gorgeous.  Reason alone to pop in for a look.  The sweets are excellent.  The cakes, works of art in and of themselves.  During the summer, they haul tables outside for guests who want their cake with a view of the Romerberg on the side ;-)

Me and my momaroo taking a looksie at the sweets :-)


  1. Thanks for these suggestions! Have you tried Café Oheim in Sachsenhausen? It's a really beautiful café with the best cappuccino in Frankfurt, delicious home made soup and quiche of the day, friendly owners, free wifi, delicious desserts and beautiful items on sale.

  2. Perfect timing for us. We move out there in a couple of weeks and will use this as our guide for places to go. They look and sound great!