Sunday, September 3, 2017

Weekly Wanderings in New England. Food, dancing, books, cafes and more.

A smattering of photos from my most recent wanderings and explorations in New England.  Its been exactly one month since I've been back living in the US (after four years of living in Germany!).

Superfood pesto.  Loaded with good for you stuff including kale, garlic, basil, a bit of cheese, cashews and olive oil.  This can be thrown together in less than 10 minutes.  SO yum.  Click here for the recipe.

LOVE pizza but without all the heavy breading??  This grain/gluten free version is the BOMB.  I was skeptical myself, my first attempt at a cauliflower crust pizza.  Imagining it to be flavorless and disappointing.  My socks were knocked off.  This is hands down now one of my best recipes.  The seasoning combined with the cheese, just, whoa.  But don't take my word for it. 

Tea time with the perfect accompaniment of a lavender macaroon <3

Giving Robert Alberta Tyrone some lovin <3.  Hes a little sweetie.

What to do on a summer night in Boston?  The special event of "First Fridays" at the Museum of Fine Arts.  Awesome.  For more details, continue on below.  Ill explain about this further.  Highly, highly recommend checking this out sometime.

Fell in love with this misty, twilight, mysterious painting of Boston/Beacon Hill area.  Love.

So, the photo above is a snapshot of First Friday at the MFA.  Dancing, drinks, a swanky atmosphere, loads of fun.  Oh man!  I was hesitant about going, skeptical of what it might be like, a bit nervous to be honest.  I was shocked that I ended up loving it, had SUCH a blast dancing for most of the night with my mom and different people :-D

Also, during First Friday at MFA, the museum is open late as well.  So you have the option of bouncing back and forth between wandering the museum and being at the dance.  So cool.

The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston (MFA)

Giving Robert Alberta Tyrone more love ;)

Baseball game with my mom.

Brother and sister <3

A healthy, mouthwatering rendition on a burger.  Find the recipe for this one here :-)

Not one of my better food photos, but they taste awesome.  Blueberry chocolate chip buckwheat pancakes.  Find the recipe here.  Enjoy!  The perfect Saturday or Sunday morning brunching dish.

Oh man, are these the perfect autumnal dish.  Vegan pumpkin oat bars (chocolate chips optional).  You'll never guess they're vegan or sugar free.  Super easy to make.  Lightly sweet, cinnamony, oatey, delish. 

MFA First Friday :-D.  How cool is that background?? 

Another one to add to the never ending, perpetually growing "to read" list.

So this was absolutely hilarious.  A version of Monopoly of the town I grew up in, my god!  Hahahaha.  Jaw dropped upon seeing this.  Totally silly, but ever so slightly awesome.

Favorite cafĂ© in Concord, NH.  True Brew :-)

Reuniting/meeting up with my great friend, Jenn for the first time since returning from Europe :-D (granted, the two photos above of us are a bit old, from a couple years back.  As we didn't take a photo together this time of meeting). 

We met at Caffe Nero (see three photos below), granted its essentially a Starbucks with a cooler atmosphere, so not anything super awesome-its like fast food for coffee.  But I do really like the atmosphere.  Kind of romantic and Harry Potter esque ;-)

We had an awesome conversation.  Interesting, engaging, varied, just a great time catching up!  Loved this.

A fabulous lunch was had at Live Juice in Concord, NH with Susan, my godmother/friend (she is my moms best friend).  Our first time reconnecting one on one since my returning to the US.  Live Juice has awesome salads.  Though overpriced, really tasty.  They also have salads, smoothies and more.  The menu is majorly healthy and yum.  We had a stellar time chatting and catching up together.  Really loved this.

Unfortunately I don't have a photo of Susan and me on my computer.  So I snagged this one of her and my mom from a few months ago, which I think is super cute.  (Susan on the left, my mom on the right- great friends).

Annnnnd, last but not least, a fabulous picnic in Prescott Park (in Portsmouth, NH) with Derek, another great friend.

This last picture is basically the exact area we sat in.  Dining on pancakes, fruit, and carrots with hummus.  Having interesting, fun conversation the whole time.  Then finishing the day with a couple rounds of cut throat card games ;-)

(An old photo of us, from about 4 years ago).

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