Thursday, November 23, 2017

A Montage of Blessings

Happy Thanksgiving, all :-D

I wasn't going to post today, what with all the Just Dance play going down over here, the food prep (including a particularly enticing pumpkin spice gingersnap cheesecake on the menu, as well as my usual personal favorites: stuffing, turkey, cranberry sauce, and something with green beans in it), vacuuming, chatting on Skype with my dear friend, Dali, and more.  However, the mood struck just now in such a way that I changed my mind.

I've been thinking today about all in my life that I have to be thrilled about, grateful for, excited by, and am blessed to have.  Much of which will be reflected in the following photo montage.  No captions, no explanations.  Just photos of people I am lucky to know and have as part of my life.  Awesome adventures I have been lucky enough to embark on.  Things I love, that fill me with a sense of satisfaction and joy, reminding me how awesome it is just being alive and being able to enjoy/revel in/experience them.

(These pictures span between the present and a decade + past.  All are my own photos :-)).

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