Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Bomb Diggity Boston Hangouts and Activities

Hi all,

With the holidays just around the corner, thought it might be fun to offer up some ideas for worthwhile Boston experiences, eats and activities.  This is just a short list.  There is a lot more where it came from.  But for now, here are several noteworthy options for your consideration...

L.A. Burdick.  While this place is on the swanky side, it is very possible to go and keep things cheaper.  The outside resembling something of a stone cottage, while the inside exudes warmth and coziness, boosting a plethora of desserts, chocolates and other sweet treats.  Come for tea/coffee/something else hot to drink (they are known for their hot chocolate here, so make sure to sample that) and split something scrumptious with whomever joins you.

Boston Public Library.  First off, libraries (at least to me) are always a place of respite, peace, as well as of subtle excitement and anticipation.  Knowing that hundreds of exciting new stories, topics and ideas await my discovery between pages and hardcovers.  However, this library in particular is stunningly gorgeous.  Talk about the perfect place to hunker down with a hot drink, a stack of intriguing books, and just hang out for a few hours.  Heaven.

Lolita's Cocina.  While the food in here is yummy (though nothing phenomenal) and the drinks are decent enough, the atmosphere is what you really come to Lolita's for.  Dim, sexy, with an almost gothic, vampire-esque sense to the interior.  Its intriguing, mysterious, even seeming sensual and semi romantic.

Crema in Harvard Square.  Have loved this place for years now.  What began as a weekly tradition with my friend, Jenn for long conversations over grilled sandwiches, cupcakes and hot drinks has lodged itself in my heart as a favorite café in Boston for spending time.  The inside exudes a lit-from-within warmth, is charming and lovely.  The only bummer, its almost always MAJORLY crowded.

The Thinking Cup.  While this place is a small chain of sorts, I do really like the atmosphere and the sweets/food items are pretty good too.  As of late though, this spot has taken on a new layer of sweet symbolism, as its the place I met someone unexpected who is becoming rather...special.

Josephs Bakery.  Having been lucky enough to be introduced to this spot by someone with especially fabulous food taste, oh man, am I happy about this discovery.  The sweets here are truly tasty.  I've sampled a "chocolate bomb" (essentially a sweet that's half a chocolate cake, topped with a layer of chocolate pudding, so yum).  Their breakfast sandwiches are to die for.  Egg, bacon and cheese on an Everything bagel, the cheese all melted and delicious.  Talk about a food fantasy come true.  The glass cases display yards of enticing desserts on offering, all of which beckon my future sampling ;-)

Blackbird Donuts.  I had the chance to try this place when out wandering with my friend, Jenn several weeks ago.  An artisanal donut shop, this place is tiny, though with a still inviting interior.  They offer inventive flavors, all enticing, in both sweet and savory donuts.  Dying to go here again and sample further flavors.

The North End.  In general, this part of Boston is ripe with discovery potential.  Its romantic, enchanting, and with of course, a totally eye catching, atmospheric European air to it.  So many phenomenal restaurants here.  Worthwhile dessert samplings.  Cute little cafes.  And possibly the best pizza I have ever eaten at Galleria Umberto- you MUST come here some day to sample their authentic Sicilian slice.  Just $1.50 ish per thick slab, ever a line out the door, and for good reason.  They open about 11:30am and close up shop when sold out, maybe an hour to an hour and a half later.  So hurry over here to try a piece.  You will not be disappointed.

Improv Asylum.  I've been here once and to be honest, cannot remember it well.  This is one of the top rated comedy locales in Boston though.  So if looking for some laughs, maybe take a gander here.  You could go with a romantic partner, a friend, or even make a little group evening out of it.

1369 Coffee House.  I had the chance to try this place for the first time a couple weeks ago and absolutely loved it.  The atmosphere is exactly my vibe.  It felt cozy, relaxed, warm, and somewhat European.  The little lights on each table, all different fixtures and forms, so charming.  The sweets on offering look delish.  And the hot drink menu is extensive, as well as from what I gleaned, quite good.

Boston Book Annex. The one place on this list I haven't actually been to yet, but I am planning to in the near future.  Supposedly one of the best used bookstores in Boston.  With a slightly crusty, worn ambiance but which is ripe for potential in pulling up a chair and leafing through the overstuffed shelves.  I'm in.

The Frog Pond in the Commons.  While I cannot claim to be a good ice skater (in fact, pretty sure those who know me would say I somewhat resemble a drunkard on skates), this is great fun.  Especially when going with friends, or even better, a sweet guy who will skate (backwards even!) while holding your hands, guiding you along with him.  Optimal for visiting when not super crowded though, haha.

Beacon Hill.  Hands down, one of my favorite areas in Boston.  In my mind, Beacon Hill oozes romance and magical, New England-esque ambiance.  From the red bricks to the gas lit street lamps, the stately townhouses and brownstones, to the narrow, winding streets.  I. Love. This. Neighborhood.

(My own photos below for this one)

Strolling along the Charles River.  Picturesque.  Serene.  Relaxing.  And typically with great views.  An awesome place for a walk with friends or a love.

Fenway Park for a Sox game.  Another slight Boston cliché, but for good reason.  This is such a fun experience!  Even if you aren't a big baseball fan (as personally, I am not), the atmosphere is infectious, electric, exciting and just a blast.

Top of the Hub for a drink (but at night is optimal).  Make sure to grab a seat by the windows.  The view is awesome.  All of Boston, laid out in panoramic array, glittering below.  Don't bother staying for food though.  Its way expensive and sub par at best.  You are coming purely for the view, so enjoy for a drink and then head elsewhere.

Commonwealth Avenue Mall.  Go at night.  Walk under the hundreds of Christmas Lights.  Magical, and so romantic.  Just make sure to bundle up, bring along a hot drink and wear comfy shoes ;-).  Love. This.  Though I've seen it many times from afar or driven past, I have yet to actually walk through this glittering, awesome scene.  Its on the list.

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