Thursday, November 9, 2017

Weekly Wanderings in New England

Hi all!

A smattering of the pictures taken from the top of my cell phone photo album (aka the most recent happenings and fun stuff going on).

Chocolate buckwheat blueberry pancakes with lavender.  Trying out something new with my adding chocolate to the mix.  Mmmmm. 

For the easiest, tastiest blueberry lavender pancake recipe (grain free, dairy free and no refined sugar), here you go.  I eat these several times a week, so be warned, you may find yourself doing the same ;-) so healthy and good.

LOVE these coasters :-).  The most thoughtful and sweet of gifts from an awesome friend.

How cool is this haunted house setup in Concord???  Had to stop and take a photo.

The picture does it no justice, but this dinner was the bomb.  Cooked by a special someone for the two of us.  Turmeric Greek yogurt coated chicken, baked with onions and chickpeas, plus brussel sprouts on the side.  Delicious :-D

Again, the photo makes it look lame but this blueberry galette was surprisingly delectable.  Most of it demolished within a couple days, pounded with sides of pumpkin ice cream. Mmmmm.

What has become a highly anticipated weekend activity.  Culminating in both lots of tasty treats whipped up and consumed, as well as a cool new little blog feature :-).  Check it out here.

My moms 59th Bavarian Birthday Bash celebration :-D such fun!!!

This photo and the one below, the spread at her birthday bash.  Mmmmmm.  So delish.

Reunited after TEN years of not seeing each other in person.  Hands down, one of my longest standing and most special friendships :-) to read all about our seeing one another again for the first time in over a decade, here's the story <3

Super healthy comfort food.  Who would have thought those words would go together in the same sentence? ;-). This recipe is a cinch to throw together, its homey, yummy and light in calories.  Spaghetti squash made with kale, sundried tomatoes and garlic.  Almost tastes akin to a creamy sort of risotto dish.  Heres how to make it.

A stellar night dancing with this special someone :-D

Adventures in Babka making (one with Matcha, one with straight up chocolate).  For more details on how to make it, the flavors and further photos, here you go.

Jenn! :-D.  I have so loved our reconnecting since my return from overseas.

Derek :-D.  Equally, have so loved our reconnecting and the time spent together since my return to the states.

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