Tuesday, April 17, 2018

11 Things I am Loving Right Now

1.  Poetry.  Loving both reading some of it, as well as writing it at the moment.

A fragile frame
Crumbles and falls at the merest of rumblings
Brittle, thin tinder and paper
Ignites, burning up under the smallest spray of sparks

Utterly collapsible, crepe paper in a vise
Cannot stand for much of anything
So they fall for nearly everything
Disintegrating ash under smashes and blows

A ramshackle boat
Amidst choppy waves
Thrown this way and that
Unanchored, smashing against the surf

Glass that is webbed with cracks
Shattering under the slightest of taps
A struggling, gasping, flickering flame
Snuffed out by a singular forceful gust

Where they should say no
You will hear "yes"
Often shouldering blame that isn't rightly theirs
Wearing self hatred like a chain vest

Scared of the truths
Because they hurt or are too hard
Instead, running.  They duck from its path, evading
Not wanting to see

The weak will falter
Under life's pushes and shoves
Unable to stand tall and firm
Will continually surrender and go under

2.  Non-fiction reads.  To name a few recent excellent ones I have read in the last 3 weeks: Beautiful Bodies, American Girls: Social Media and the Secret Lives of Teenagers, The Art of Loving, I Have The Right To, a memoir by Chessy Prout (from Concord, NH!  The town I grew up in), Necessary Endings, and Boundaries in Dating.

3. Raw Chickpea Cookie Dough.  To die for.  Tastes just like the real thing. Super easy to make, and so addictive.  All while being gluten/grain free, dairy free, and low in sugar.
Find the recipe here.

4.  Flourless chocolate bites from Crust and Crumb in Concord, NH.  Oh. My. Word.  These tasty little guys are just melt-in-your-mouth, rich, decadent, delicious yumminess.

5.  Grub Street Writing School, Boston, MA.  After taking my first class there this past weekend, I am hooked.  I haven't felt so alive, motivated, alight and energized in a couple weeks now, as I did in this class.  Oh my. 

Writing for me (well, and reading) is akin to breathing.  Its one of the most important, fulfilling, heart rending passions of my life.  In so many ways, how I express myself, my feelings, who I am, and the sorting through my life, so much of this done via writing.  Its one of the main venues for how I make sense of things, add meaning to experiences, connect with people, and express myself.

I highly recommend Grub Street.  Its great fun, will get your writing going once again if finding yourself lagging or stuck, and is a great way to meet people.

6.  These granolas from Maple Nut Kitchen.  All of which are gluten free and vegan, several of which are Paleo if you so desire.  Delicious when mixed with yogurt, berries, and a swirl of honey.  One of my current most loved snacks.  My favorite flavors: Pumpkin Gingerbread and Maple Nut.

7.  Used books on Amazon.com.  Oh my gosh.  If you are a book lover like me, and find yourself buying far too many, much too often?  This is your go-to way to 1. not feel guilty about buying books and 2. to save yourself a boatload of money!  Instead of buying just one book new for say, $20, you can snag 3-4 books in still great condition, for the SAME PRICE!!!  It doesnt get much better than that!

8.  Floral dresses, raw stone rings, blazers, and pale pink pointed toe flats.  A few clothing items I am loving right now.  Cannot wait for summer to break out the pretty dresses and flats.  Raw stone rings?  On my list to eventually get one, but absolutely love them.  And blazers, love the classy way these up any look from everyday to just a little bit fancier.

9.  A few absolutely excellent Podcasts I have listened to as of late, life changing potential within each one.  Really.  Inspiring, insightful, with new ideas and ways of thinking offered up in each. 

These few will be some very worthwhile minutes you spend, I promise:

--Dear Dad, Its Over (from Dear Sugars podcast)
--The End of Small Talk (from Modern Love podcast)
--To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This (from Modern Love podcast)
--In The Name of Love (from The Moth podcast)

And, possibly the most inspiring, awesome TED talk I have ever seen:

Steve Jobs: How to Live Before You Die

10.  Oaks Bluff, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts.  Dying to go here.  Its on the list for hopefully this summer.  Supposed to be quintessential New England, summery gorgeous, the ultimate totally charming beachy small town.

11.  Telling people how you feelDaring to speak of your affections.  I think our culture has made an art, as of late, of "playing it cool."  Remaining aloof.  Being stoic.  Having the "upper hand" by not being vulnerable and telling someone the depth of what they mean to you.  Being "safe" and not "risking it" by saying too much.  Playing ones cards "close to the vest," so to speak.  Not complimenting the people you love, or telling them how awesome you think they are.

All of this?  A major mistake.  You are missing out.  On the chance to make someone's day, or even bigger, you would be surprised at how often loving words, sincere compliments and words of affection from the heart stay with people for years.  Sometimes even forever.  You are missing out on the chance of drawing closer to someone you care about.  Of lifting their heart.  Of making them feel really good.  Of deepening your connection to them by letting them know how you feel.  And sometimes, worst case scenario, you miss out on the chance of telling them these things at all.

Its not enough to just assume that "they know."  People in your life may know, but also, they may not know.  Because if you never tell someone the detail and depth of what they mean to you, really, how can they fully know?

So many wonderful things, missed, all because of either 1. fear or 2. laziness, in not telling people the positive things you both think of and feel for them.

And, dont just do it once.  Do it regularly.  And often.

An article I wrote on this topic a while back: Why Its Important to Tell People How You Feel.

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