Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Best of....

Hi all!  Behold, my exciting, hopefully inspiring list of "Best of...."  Hitting upon numerous varying categories, from best donuts, to the best spots for brunching, great places for walking, to the top summer activities, and the ultimate picnicking locales. 

Continue reading on below for some warm weather ideas and fun!

Best donuts: Union Square Donuts, Boston, MA.  Fluffy, light as air, sweet, pillowy, just superbly delicious. 
Close runner up: the donuts at Birchgrove Bakery in Montpelier, VT.

Best Ice Cream: FoMu in Boston (its actually vegan ice cream, and some of the best I have ever tasted, on the whole spectrum of ice creams sampled, vegan and otherwise), along with Johnsons in Deerfield, NH.

Best Italian Rainbow Layer Cookies: Marias in the North End (Boston). 
(PS. Marias just has bomb desserts in general, including their being known as having supposedly the best cannoli in Boston).

Best Cafe Atmosphere:  To name a few...
--Crema in Boston
--The Thinking Cup in Boston
--Cafe Maingold in Frankfurt, Germany
--Iimori in Frankfurt, Germany
--Cafe Sugarmama in Frankfurt, Germany.  Click here to read my blog entry/review of Sugar Mama :-D

Crema in Boston

Crema in Boston

One of the Thinking Cup locales in Boston.

Cafe Maingold in Frankfurt.  A place I used to frequent often...<3

Cafe Maingold in Frankfurt

Iimori, another cafe in Frankfurt I used to head to routinely.

Iimori in Frankfurt

Cafe Sugar Mama in Frankfurt, Germany.  And in fact, it was in this very window seat that I sat and did the vast majority of my writing over the last couple years.  Every single Sunday, my tradition of sorts.  Just me, my notebook, a huge mug of tea, and sometimes a sweet to accompany ;-) the best.  I so loved this.

Sugar Mama in Frankfurt

Best Breakfast Sandwiches: Josephs Bakery in South Boston.  Dripping with cheese, steaming hot, homey, SO delish.

Best Brunching:
--The Paramount in Boston
--The Big Bean in Newmarket, NH
--Roamers in Berlin, Germany (this is my #1 on the list, for sure).  For LOADS of photos of their here.  Its a work of art, in and of itself.
--Cafe Marlette in Paris
--Yours Austrailian Bar in Frankfurt, Germany. 

Five best brunches I have ever had.

Brunch at Roamers in Berlin, Germany.  Like a from-the-forest dream on a dish.

More Roamers...

Cafe Marlette in Paris, France <3

Cafe Marlette.

The Paramount in Boston

The Paramount.

The Big Bean in Newmarket, NH.

French Toast fantasy... :-D at the Big Bean.

The Big Bean in Newmarket.  Such a charming storefront.  Love <3

Best Picnic spots:
--Boston Common
--the State House lawn in Concord, NH
--Boston Public Gardens
--many places throughout the White Mountains of NH, as well as Conway, NH.

Boston Commons

Boston Public Garden

The State House in Concord, NH.  I saw this most days of my childhood, as its situated within the town I grew up.

White Mountains, NH (specifically, near Mount Washington)

White Mountains, NH

White Mountains, NH

Best Places for Walking:
--Quincy Market in Boston
--Along the beach in Southie (aka South Boston)
--Northwood Meadows
--downtown Portsmouth
--Main Street in Concord
--The Tunnel of Trees at exit 17 in Concord (this "secret spot," if you will = my childhood).
--Along the Main River in Frankfurt.

Quincy Market, Boston

The beach in South Boston

Northwood Meadows.

Portsmouth, NH

Portsmouth, NH
Main Street in Concord, NH (where I grew up).

The Main River and Frankfurt, Germany.  Where I lived for the last 4 years :-D (up until about 9 months ago).

Best Burgers: Boston Burger Co, and 5 Napkin Burger.  Both in Boston, MA.

5 Napkin Burger.  Covered in cheese and caramelized onions.  To die for.

Boston Burger Co

Boston Burger Cos, the "Hot Mess."  Absolutely delicious.

Best Cupcakes: Georgetown Cupcakes in Boston, MA

Best Dessert Destination, in general: Danish Pastry House, Medford, MA.

The following three photos, I took of their sweets upon request, back when working there several years ago.  They ended up showcasing several of these on their menus :-).  Last time I was there a few months ago, they were still!

Best Healthy Food Go-To Spots:
--Life Alive in Boston
--The Clean Take in Concord, Hampshire, and The Coop in Concord.

Life Alive in Boston

Life Alive

The Clean Take in Concord, NH

Food from The Clean Take.

The Coop in Concord, NH.

Food at the Coop.

Best Atmosphere for Drinks:
--Lolitas in Boston
--Saloon in Davis Square (Boston)
--J.M. Curley in Boston
--Good Times for Good People in Frankfurt, Germany

Lolitas in Boston

Saloon in Boston


J.M. Curley in Boston.

J.M. Curley

Good Times for Good People in Frankfurt, Germany.  Went here for my birthday two years in a row <3

The five photos below...from one said birthday.

Good Times for Good People

Good Times for Good People

Best Bookstore:
--Book and Bar in Portsmouth, NH
--Brattle Street Bookshop in Boston
--Gibsons in Concord, NH

Book and Bar, Portsmouth, NH

Book and Bar

Brattle Street Bookseller, Boston

Brattle Street Books

Gibsons Bookstore, Concord, NH

Best New England Summer Activites:
--Camping- several of the NH State Parks are gorgeous, including White Lake, Sunapee, Greenfield, and Ellacoya.
--Going to the ocean- a few great spots include: Weirs Beach in NH.  Nahant in MA.  Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport Maine, and Mohegan Bluffs in Block Island, Rhode Island
--Hiking Mount Major, as well as Franconia Notch.

Best Summer Things to Do/Eat:
--Ice cream and popsicles (better yet, make your own!!)
--Reading outside
--The beach
--Going on walks
--Mini golf
--Writing anywhere outside
--Restaurant hopping (Some of you might be wondering, what is this?  You go to one place for a pre-dinner drink, than head to a different spot for an appetizer, then another different eatery for your entrĂ©e, and finally, a fourth separate place for dessert!)
--Brunching on your balcony or in the backyard
--Night swimming

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