Friday, April 13, 2018

Poignant Prose and Insights

"There is a difference between someone telling you they love you, and them actually loving you."
                  -Milk and Honey, book of poems.

"How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you."
                  - Milk and Honey, book of poems.

You call to tell me you miss me
I turn to face the front door of the house
waiting for a knock
days later you call to say you need me
but still aren't here
the dandelions on the law
are rolling their eyes in disappointment
the grass has declared you yesterdays news
what do I care
if you love me
or miss me
or need me
when you aren't doing anything about it
if I'm not the love of your life
ill be the greatest loss instead
                  -The Sun and Her Flowers, book of poems

on the first day of love
you wrapped me in the word special
                 -The Sun and Her Flowers

this morning
i told the flowers
what id do for you
and they blossomed
                -The Sun and Her Flowers

if I'm going to share my life with my partner
it would be foolish not to ask myself
twenty years from now
is this person going to be
someone i still laugh with
or am i just distracted by their charm
do i see us evolving into
new people by the decade
or does the growing ever come to a pause
i dont want to be distracted
by looks or money
i want to know if they pull
the best or the worst out of me
deep at the core are our values the same
in thirty years will we still
jump into bed like were twenty
can i picture us in old age
conquering the world
like weve got young blood
running in our veins
             -The Sun and Her Flowers

there are far too many mouths here
but not enough of them are worth
what youre offering
give yourself to a few
and to those few
give heavily
-invest in the right people
            -The Sun and Her Flowers

the day you have everything
i hope you remember
when you had nothing
            -The Sun and Her Flowers

to heal
you have to
get to the root
of the wound
and kiss it all the way up
             -The Sun and Her Flowers

"When truth presents itself, the wise person sees the light, takes it in, and makes adjustments.  Wise people, when you tell them something about their behavior or performance that is positive or negative, they hear it.  They respond, and they apply whatever truth has been spoken.  You dont get resistance or a fight.  In fact, they see it as a gift.  Wise people grow.  They do not resist the truth, instead they align with it.  And wise does not necessarily mean the smartest, brightest or most talented.  While wisdom may co-exist with these traits, its completely unrelated.  Being wise is really about one thing, and one thing only: a persons ability to hear the truth, take feedback, and make adjustment."
                       - Necessary Endings by Dr. Henry Cloud (Non fiction psych/self help/relationship book) (Bestselling author of Boundaries and Integrity).

"Conversely, a foolish person rejects feedback, resists it, explains it away, and does nothing to adjust to meet its requirements.  The fool tries to adjust the truth, so he does not have to adjust to it.  A foolish person is in a stance designed not to see the truth, or grasp it, or in any way adjust to it.  And just as wise does not necessarily mean smart or extremely gifted, foolish does not mean dumb or lacking talent.  Ironically, a fool may be the "smartest person in the room" or the most gifted or charming.  Because of that, fools often keep us confused because of their many wonderful attributes.  Fools, in contrast with wise people, avoid acknowledging or addressing the light and truth that is staring them in the face."
                       -Necessary Endings by Dr. Henry Cloud. 

"When reason prevails over impulse, when disgust is replaced by insight, when an act of generosity is undeserved, when love is given where rejection seems certain, when someone sticks up for another, when help is unasked for, when apology is humbly made and forgiveness unexpectedly given, when doors are opened in welcome, when truths are spoken and the origins of conflict laid bare, such acts stir readers the swelling of the chest and opening of the heart."
                        -The Emotional Craft of Fiction by Donald Maass 

"As human beings, we seek self-knowledge, wholeness, happiness, and love.  We yearn to explain the inexplicable; to justify our existence; and to understand who we are, why we are here, and what we are supposed to do.  Its a quest that never ends.  We may have dens with trophies on the mantels, but when we tell the stories of our lives, we relate to the meaning of things that happened and describe how we grew.  Our stories are as unique as snowflakes.  They do not happen in the predictable patterns that writers call plot templates.  They happen all the time, at odd moments, and in ways that only we can see."
                         -The Emotional Craft of Fiction by Donald Maass

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