Monday, October 8, 2018

Apple Picking at Brooksby Farm in Peabody MA

Hi all,

Autumn has arrived.  Ushering in an onslaught of all things pumpkin, much to my elation and thrill (cheesecake, pies, lattes, donuts, pastas stuffed or covered with, cookies, quinoa bowls with chunks of pumpkin in coupledom with the other vegetables within.  The list goes on).  The air turning sharp and brisk.  Leaves falling and swirling against curbsides.  Their colors turning from green to fiery reds, warm oranges, and buttery yellows.  Cozy cafes becoming oh so beckoning.  Hiking offering the most stunning of sceneries, with colorful array laid out below the mountain peak.  Campfires an inviting activity once more, with the passing of summer concluding.  Weekend afternoons of binge watching top notch TV series, a preferable pastime recommencing.  And of course, apple picking, a quintessential seasonal Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

Brooksby Farm is a great place for doing so.  Located in Peabody, MA, within about 30 minutes of most areas both in and just outside of Boston.  This spot is a top rated one, and for good reason.  With pumpkin and apple picking, a corn maze, arresting and vivid foliage in full bloom, a petting zoo, and an amply stocked store for purchasing apple cider donuts, warm farm made cider, candy apples,and a plethora of other enticing eats and sweet treats, I highly recommend this orchard for an autumnal afternoon.

Maxx and I spent this past Saturday (Ida too!) traversing the long lanes of trees, boosting a wide array of apple variety for the choosing.  $18 for two people, with one sizable bag for filling.  Its a bit pricey, however one isnt paying just for the apples.  Its also for the experience of picking them (as well as, for the eating of as many as you like during ;-)).

Along the way, Ida discovered a newfound love of apples.  And not eating a piece thats been broken off and handed over for her chewing accessibility.  No, no.  She preferred the activity of eating an apple, full out and traditionally, the way humans eat them.  Biting into the skin and ripping off a hunk with ones teeth.  Maxx and I giggling the whole way as she proceeded to eat an entire apple like so, from where it was held in my outstretched hand for her enjoyment.

Prior to leaving the orchard, we snagged some apple cider donuts- super delish, as well as a house made cider.  Enjoying them whilst sitting in the sun on some wooden steps tucked out of the way, semi near the petting zoo.

(Also, watching Ida interact, a fence between them, with an emu, as well as a sheep, and then a baby llama, priceless.  Ida, looking stunned, puzzled, bewildered, jittery with excitement, not knowing what to do with herself in the midst of finding herself face to face with these strange creatures).

Ida, chowing down.

For a list of other appealing orchards and farms throughout New England, look no further than this link.  In the meantime though, check out Brooksby Farm for lots of quintessential fall fall!

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