Monday, October 15, 2018

Roundup of Most Awesome Adventures Ive Taken

Get ready for a roundup of several of the most awe inspiring, awesome, memorable trips Ive taken.  Hopefully providing some inspiration for future trip considerations of your own...

Amsterdam, and the jaw dropping Keukenhof tulip gardens, drawing visitors from all over the world for the mere 6 weeks that the flowers are in bloom.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  The colors, astounding to be sure.  As well as, Amsterdam is a scene straight out of a fairytale.  Canal houses like upright gingerbread cookies, steel gray canals winding throughout the city, cobbled lanes, the chime of bicycles shimmering in the air.  Boats bobbing along water surfaces, some of which are even restaurants, cafes, or even residences.  Quaint and inviting cafes situated waterside.  The city is inviting, atmospheric, beautiful.

Check out this link for more Amsterdam info, from restaurant recommendations to activity ideas.

Berlin, Germany.  I was able to venture here several times while living in Germany.  Edgy, open, graffitied, exciting, hipster, grungy, history laden.  Way cool locale for exploring.

Here is a link to a blog entry I wrote from one of my adventures to Berlin.

One week spent, solo, in Lisbon, Portugal.  LOVED this city.  Electric.  Worn.  Artsy.  Colorful.  Romantic.  Cobbled.  Hilly.

Click here for more on Lisbon during my time spent there.

Alex and Dan visiting me in Frankfurt, Germany, as well as our adventuring to Heidelberg!  Such a thrilling surprise and great time with these two :-D.  Cannot believe its been over a decade of our being friends.

Jenn and Steve coming to visit in Frankfurt!  As well as our adventuring to Rudesheim am Rhine and Heidelberg too!

Budapest, Hungary with Somayeh.  LOVED this trip.  Some of the most phenomenal food Ive ever tasted, and for the lowest prices.

Click here for loads of food porn photos, as well as rad recommendations in Budapest.

Solo adventuring in Italy!  The first solo trip I ever took, to be exact.

Click here for the experience, as well as loads more photos and recommendations.

Paris, France.  Ive been blessed to have been here some four times now.  Its still one of my favorite cities in the world.  Classy and new, yet old.  With eye catching, ornate, stunning buildings everywhere one looks.  Fast paced, with slow, leisurely pockets of time punctuating daily life as well.  Romantic.  Bustling.  Beautiful.  Gothic architecture, with much modern and new.

Made these myself :-) from scratch.  In a croissant making class.

On a bike tour with my sister.

Lichtenstein Castle in Germany with Andy.  Also trekking to Cochem, an Edward Scissorhands esque small town.  Gorgeously decked out in autumnal foliage.

Click here for the entire trip experience, a road tripping venture through Germany in search of creepy castles.  Way cool!

Edinburgh, Scotland with JudithOne of my favorite trips ever.  Fell in love with the enigmatic, mysterious, haunting atmosphere of this city.  The landscape, very Game-of-Thrones esque.

Click here for one of the blog entries I wrote about our time in Edinburgh, loaded with photos.

Skiing the Swiss Alps.  An experience I never thought Id be lucky enough to have.  Zermatt, a quintessential winter wonderland.  Alpine village.  Magical.  Quaint.  Stunning.  Romantic.

I. Loved. This.

The scenery while we were skiing, so astounding nearly to the point of my skiing off the trail in being distracted by the immense beauty of it all.

Here is a blog entry I wrote, showcasing all the photos and experience of such.

Solo tripping in Stockholm, Sweden, as well as boating to one of the outermost islands of Sweden called Sandhamn.  Reveled in this trip.  Both, the scenery, exploring the city, as well as all the writing and reading I did.  So fulfilling, satisfying, just really wonderful.  A week spent wandering this fantastically architected, eye catching, ornate, romantic spot.  Granted, it blew a hole in my wallet, still it was a phenomenal trip.

Here is a link to my first blog entry chronicling my time in Stockholm.

The library of Stockholm.  Hands down, the most awesome library, architecturally, that Ive ever seen.

Classic Swedish sweet, called Kanelbullar.

Mouthwatering meal I had at Herman's Vegetarian restaurant in Stockholm, with sweeping views of the city from the hill on which it was perched.  Loved this.

Solo meandering and exploring through the French Riviera.  My last solo trip in Europe prior to moving back to the US, after four years of living abroad.  I wanted this trip to be an incredibly special one, so I chose a place that had been at the top of my bucket list for years.

The three Riviera cities I ventured to:

Saint Paul de Vence
Villefranche Sur Mer

As well as, wandering the old town of Nice.

It was everything I dreamed it would be.  Medieval feeling.  Old.  Wildly romantic.  Quiet.  Saturated with vivid color.  Stone laden and cobbled.  Cozy.  Inviting.  Atmospheric.  Luxurious.  The air even smelt of vanilla in certain places.  I would absolutely thrill at going back here.

One of my blog entries, bursting with awesome photos and suggestions of what to explore.

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