Sunday, April 19, 2015

My Own Life List....What is Yours?

Hello Everyone!

Lately I have found myself reflecting somewhat on my life.  So far, I have loved my life.  I consider it to have been a great success, adventure, joy, romance and wonder.  All of it has been worthwhile.  Much of it has been exciting, fulfilling, passionate, fun, romantic, wild and happy.  Some of it has been challenging, heartbreaking, difficult or sad.  But all of it, every moment, has been what I would consider to be incredible thus far.  I have little doubt that it will continue to unfold this way, as I will continue to make it so.

With all of this said, an activity that I think is fun and motivational is to create a "bucket list."  I am sure you have all heard this term, which has become trendier as of late.  A bucket list, meaning a list of things you want to do/experience/see/become within your lifetime.  I feel much of us (myself included) make the mistake often of forgetting how short life is.  Time tends to pass quickly.  We have a limited amount of time on this earth.  The meaning in our lives is purely created by the meaning that we ourselves assign to it.

Therefore, I think creating a bucket list can help aid us in figuring out: what do I want to do with the time that is given to me?  This can actually be a rather fun and inspirational exercise.  It can add some meaning, direction and sense of joyful anticipation to your life.  As well as continuing to enjoy life day to day in the present, which is what one should be doing too.  Because happiness is not at the end of the journey or the destination.  It IS the journey itself.  That is what I am coming to realize.

Here is a snippet of my own personal bucket list (a number of which I have actually already done!):

*    Live in Europe
*      Have a little lake cottage someday

*      Have a fireplace/wood stove in my home

*      Learn how to make authentic chocolate croissants

*      Publish a book
*      Backpack through Europe for a minimum of 3 weeks one time
*      Continue to maintain the close friends I have had for years now, as well as make some new, deep friendships throughout my life.  One of my biggest sources of happiness is the pretty large handful of very close friends I have.
*      Have pets during most of my life (ideally a couple kitties and a dog)
*      Bake a show-stopping cake

*      Have great fun entertaining friends and family throughout my life (board game nights, dinner parties, holiday parties, other fun types of get togethers, and more).

*      Continue to cook and bake, learning more and more recipes and always improving J
*      Be out of student loan debt by age 45
*      Give at least 3 people I love a gift that takes their breath away
*      Find a romantic partner with whom I would like to spend the majority of my life with (or possibly even the entirety of it J if it works out this way).

*      And with this romantic partner, have a relationship that is a best friendship as well as romantic.  I can tell them anything, be totally myself with them, we are very close friends who love spending time together and our connection is deep.  We are very attracted to one another.  We have a relationship that is honest, fun, loyal, easy going and emotionally open, we have wonderful conversations, we are silly together, we have many activities we enjoy doing together and similar values.
*      Possibly have one child.
*      Throw a couple of truly awesome parties in my lifetime.

*      Have a meal at a top-notch (but also romantic) restaurant.
*      Eat something absolutely mouthwatering somewhere with a breathtaking view.
*      Remain fit and healthy throughout my life.
*      Continue to read books all throughout my life as I LOVE this.
*      Fill a big book with all my very best travel photos.  Make this a coffee table book in my home someday.
*      Ride a Vespa through a gorgeous European town.

*      Learn conversational German
*      Serve an incredible 5-course meal to a group of people with whom I love spending time

*      Hit 4,000 views on my blog.
*      Re-learn conversational Italian
*      See mountain gorillas in the wild in Africa

*      More of the US (Colorado, North Carolina, Maine, Vermont, more of California, Georgia, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Hawaii again, Nantucket, Cape Cod)
*      Japan
*      Go on a cruise for at least 1 week
*      See more of the Caribbean

*      Cross a country on a bicycle
*      Ride something bigger than a horse in another part of the world
*      Ski the alps in Switzerland

*      See Vienna Austria/Prague at Christmas time

*      Volunteer abroad somewhere for at least 2-3 weeks (teaching English or working with children or animals)
*      Spend the night in a storied/historic hotel
*      Photograph an endangered species
*      Northern Lights again.  Either in Canada or Northern Europe ideally.

*      White water river rafting (like a 3-4 day trip somewhere)

*      St. Kitts or Turks & Caicos

*      Europe (Italy (Lake Como, Amalfi Coast, Positano, Taormina), The French Riviera, Dublin, Prague, Budapest, Bruges and Brussels in Belgium, Germany (Rothenberg, Berlin, The Romantic Road), Austria (Salzburg, Vienna), London, Switzerland (Lucerne, Zermatt, Gimmelwald, ride the Glacier Express), Copenhagen, Greece (Santorini), Spain (Barcelona), Poland (Warsaw)

So, thats most of my list!  There you have it.  I would be interested to hear what sort of things are on other peoples life lists!!  Both for my own inspiration and just out of interest :-)

So tell me, what is on your life list?

Hopefully my list also gave others some ideas or inspiration or just some interesting reading ;-)

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