Friday, April 3, 2015

Fun Food Stuff (and more) in Frankfurt the week before Portugal!

Gioia in Frankfurt with our meetup group, Sweet Meets!  Though this ended up being a rather cozy meetup by surprise. Just four of us including myself (as I had to change the location at the VERY last minute which resulted in us losing some attendees I believe), but lots of fun all the same  :-)  The food here was very good.  I got a goat cheese with honey, pistachio and balsamic dressed salad and this was so tasty!!!

How incredibly cute and charming is this cafe??  Stumbled across this hidden gem with a friend the other day while out looking for Shooters Saloon (which sadly no longer exists), but noticed this place and made a mental note to come back.  LOVED the inside.  And how cool is this, apparently the baker is from BOSTON!!!  And her brownies and cookies are American style.  Awesome. I will be back here again very soon.

And then met up with a friend for an evening of Green tea cake, actual green tea and great conversation :-D

Check out this house.  My dream house ;-)  Nah just kidding.  Much too large for my taste actually.  I prefer cozy and sweet, intimate little homes.  But still, impressive, eh?  Makes me think of something one would see in the Great Gatsby if the setting were in a heavily wooded area.

A serene and peaceful walk through the woods....really lovely.  This was a really nice afternoon activity.

Green tea cake with a friend and a view.  What could be better?

Hung out on the famous Leipziger Strasse with a great friend where we sat outside of a little cafe and enjoyed some rather uniquely flavored cookies!

This was intense but a great workout and surprisingly fun!  Hot iron course at Fitness First with one of my close girlfriends.  I will be trying this out again in the near future for sure as I really liked this.

And finally, my god.  I am captivated by this book.  I saw it in the bookstore every time I went in to browse, as its been on the Top 10 Bestseller list for months.  I picked it up once or twice and read the short synopsis on the back.  This did nothing for me in terms of spurring any interest.  Then at the library a few days before departing for Portugal, I picked it up and thought, eh, what the hell.  Lets see what the deal is with this and if its lame, I will stop reading it.

All I can say is, whoa.  Mind.  Blown.

Hands down, the best book I have read in well over a year.

This is going on my small list of all time favorites, as in, I will absolutely read it again at some point and could not put it down.

(I will be writing a review about this book on here sometime in the very near future... ;-))

PS.  My very NEXT blog entry (within 24 hours), I PROMISE, will be Portugal photos!!!  :-D

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