Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Recent Fun Stuff (and a few tasty treats!!!!) in Frankfurt

I thought this bakery menu was whimsical and pretty.  Enjoyed a delicious pastry and tea here on Easter Sunday with a good friend :-) great conversation and YUMMY sweet.

And here is the sweet in question.  A raspberry eclair.  I was hesitant about this as I had been craving a straight up, traditional eclair and this was all they had.  But I gave it a go.  It was light, sweet and delicious.

YEEEEEES!  Received this in the mail from my Mom recently.  My very favorite US magazine, which I can only get over here for around 12 euro a pop!!  NUTS right?  So my thoughtful Mom bought me a year-long subscription to this!!!  Which she takes the time to ship to me each month.  So incredibly awesome.

Summer is in the air....!!!  I can feel it in the days getting warmer, the sun shining longer, the outdoor cafes filling with people in the afternoons who linger long into the early evening, even a few sandals and shorts are making beginning to make some appearances.  So, I have my eye on these ;-) simple but sparkly and will pair well with lots of things!

One of the major perks of working in a kindergarten, frequent birthdays and thus SUPER cool cakes like this one!!!  Chocolate flavored and delicious, and how fun is the design??

I took my little buddy Philipp (one of the children I connected especially well with from my previous job, who I really came to adore) to the lake near his home last Saturday.  This was slightly chilly but peaceful and fun.  We took a canoe ride together (this was of course, me paddling the entire time, as well as me getting quite wet ha-ha), we shared French Fries and a fantastic wild berry crumb cake and walked around the festival to explore further together.  It was a great afternoon.

My most recent batch of library books...!!!  (Aside from "Just Kids" and the Food Network magazine which are both mine, as well as "Elizabeth is Missing" which was an unexpected gift).  Just looking at this pile fills me with excitement.  So many different interesting worlds, characters, lessons, information and stories in each one waiting for me ;-)  LOVE this.
This was an outstanding brunch.  I went with one of my best friends on Sunday of this past weekend to Cafe Albatros in Bockenheimer Warte.  Sadly the cost used to be about 8 euros for this buffet.  Its now 12 euro.  But still, this is pretty decent for all-one-can-eat, and the spread is excellent.  Eggs, sausages, bacon, all kinds of breads and croissants, crepes with various toppings, macaroni and cheese, caprese salad, a wide assortment of desserts, etc.  I really enjoyed it.  And yes, I ate everything on both of the two plates in the photos ;-)
This was my second plate of brunch ;-).  Dessert, if you will.  Super yummy!  (The odd chocolate and light colored looking lump placed at about 2 o clock on the plate?  This was essentially a brownie laced with a bit of cheesecake like swirl.  Soooooo good!!!)

One of the books I hope to purchase this I LOVE to eat and really love, love, love to travel  :-D  I leafed through this at the bookstore and it looked excellent.

And in terms of some summer fashion, these sparklers totally caught my eye.  Simple but lovely and eye catching.  I am going to snag them when finances permit ;-p


  1. I am super jealous of all the good food Brooke gets to eat! if I ate good brunches like this I would be gaining so much weight!

  2. I am super jealous of all the good food Brooke gets to eat! if I ate good brunches like this I would be gaining so much weight!