Tuesday, September 24, 2013

OUTSTANDING blog graphics...major credit goes to Ms. Jenn Rabin!!!

Real quick, I needed to post something giving credit to one of my dear friends, Jenn, for the absolutely AWESOME blog graphics you are now seeing before you.  Incredible, isn't she???  I was shocked when she sent me the link to give me a preview of what she had put together.  She is so talented (as you can see).  Please see her website below to view more of her creative talents:


Jenn is a graphic and web designer, a front-end developer and a UX enthusiast.

She currently works in Boston, MA for Talbots.

I met her when we worked together at Atlantic Charter Insurance Co.  We were not really good friends when we were coworkers, we just had lunch together occasionally, but we never got together socially outside of work.  We actually did not become friends until about a year and a half after I had already left ACIC!  We had not kept in touch at all within that time.  However, we stumbled across one another again, happened to have dinner one evening and really hit it off.

Over the past year and a half, Jenn and I have become close friends.  I now consider her among my best.  She is incredibly considerate of others, sensitive and thoughtful.  She is a wonderful listener, compassionate and caring.  She is silly, insightful and SO much fun to be with.  I miss her company very much.  She and I used to eat sandwiches together often (about once a week) at a cozy little cafe called Crema in Harvard Square, back in Boston.  I miss our weekly meetups big time.

Jenn and her boyfriend, Steve are also currently giving my babies (aka my two kitties), Bug and Olivia a home for the time being.  So they are both incredibly generous and kind friends.

Jenn, thank you again SO much for working so hard to make my blog look FANTASTIC!!!!  I absolutely love it!!!!!  I am so lucky to have you as a friend.

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