Wednesday, June 8, 2016

BEST Surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A super special visitor coming....

Hi All,

Man, oh man, do I have a totally outstanding and super thrilling story to share!!  About 2/3 weeks ago on Skype, my Mom mentioned to me briefly, vaguely, simply in passing, that my sister was thinking of coming to visit me this summer and that she had been looking at flights.  That was it.  Then no further details or repeated mention of this, prior or afterwards.

Just a few days ago, this past Sunday, June 5, I signed on to Facebook briefly when suddenly a message popped up from my sister, Lexie.  It said, "Brookie!  I am buying my ticket as we speak to come visit you this summer."

Wait, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!?!?!?!



See below for a picture of me in my room last night upon receiving this message from my sister.

So, Lexie booked her ticketThe adventure is in motion!!!!!! 

She will arrive here in Frankfurt on July 13 and will stay until August 3!!!!  THREE weeks with her!!!!!  What makes this even more thrilling for me, aside from the fact that my bombastic sister is coming to spend three weeks with me, is that she has never been to Europe before!!!  I am just dying with anticipation and excitement to show her around and share this experience with her.  Its going to be a BLAST!!!!

I have already spent the past few days jotting down loads of notes for places I want to take her and things we will do.

With my sister, Boston skyline behind us <3  This shot was taken just a few weeks before I moved to Europe actually.

The other way cool aspect of the story:

In her facebook message to me announcing her impending trip booking, she commented "Brookie, now we are going to travel Europe together!"  To which I responded, slightly deflated, "Oh man, Lex, I wish you had given me some hint or indication sooner that you were thinking of coming.  Then I wouldnt have booked the other two trips that I already did (Edinburgh and Sweden, both in August).  So I am stretched incredibly thin right now financially.  If I had known you were thinking of coming, then I wouldnt have booked those.  And would have more funds to do things with you!"

She totally understood and we agreed excitedly that it would be a fabulous time, no matter what.  We will be together.  In Germany.  In EUROPE for god sakes.  Its going to be totally stellar regardless.

But then I decided to google some flights to varying destinations in Europe, just for kicks, to check out prices and see what the deal was.  Since summer is the high season for travel in Europe, I assumed prices would be high and thus, I wouldnt possibly be able to squeeze another trip in with the other two I already have booked.  Up popped a round trip ticket to Paris for $100.  No joke.  Round trip, 4 days, to Paris, 100 bucks.

I messaged Lexie right away.  "So, wanna go to Paris together?"
She responded with major enthusiasm.  Obviously.  That ticket was booked then as well :-D

So, many more details about our plans will materialize and follow, but here is whats in the works so far:

--Rudesheim am Rhine (a day trip here, as its only 45 minutes away from me.  Known as one of the most gorgeous towns in Germany).

--Heidelberg, of course.  A must see.  Its the most day-tripped to city in Germany.  Historic.  Gorgeous.  With a huge castle to boot.  One of my favorites.

--Either Limberg or Kronberg.  I am torn between the two.  Havent decided yet ;-)  Maybe we will do both.  Both within 40 minutes of me by train.









--Possibly Aschaffenburg (one place I have never been but have heard great things about).

--Or possibly Marburg, another supposedly gorgeous German city which I have also never been to.

Annnnnnd the trip to PARIS, during which we will also celebrate my 31st birthday there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We will depart for Paris on Monday, July 25 and return to Frankfurt on Friday, July 29.  We will be there for 3.5 days.  I dont think its possible that I could be more excited.  One of my most loved and very favorite cities in Europe ever, with my sister, and during my 31st birthday :-D just....whoa.  Magic. 

(Fun side note: All the photos in this post are my own, taken during my travels to each of these places.  With the exception of the small photos of Aschaffenburg and Marburg- I got those from Google.  But the rest, I took!)

I also cannot wait to show her all my favorite places around Frankfurt, she will meet my friends, I have a number of ideas and way cool things I want to do with her here as well, I can show her what my life has been over here for the past 2.5 years, all of which I am super psyched for.  I could barely sleep on Sunday night.  Despite it being 5.5 weeks away, I was nearly trembling with excitement over it all.

So, this is a BIG trip in the works.  Sisters together in Europe!!!!  Its going to be phenomenal!

In honor of this blog post, check out this link for some of the best quotes about sisters in literature :-)

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