Sunday, June 19, 2016

Weekly Wanderings and Goings On

Hi All,

I haven't posted one of these in a while, so here goes.  All the recent photos straight off my cell phone and onto your screens for a snapshot of what I have been up to recently :-D

Iimori with one of my BFFs, Somayeh :-D this place is one of our traditions.

Cinnamon rolls at Zeit fur Brot with Allison :-) YUM!!

Love this house on my street.

Out and about in Frankfurt

French toast made with challah bread, with a side of Greek yogurt mixed with honey and topped with berries.  Mmmmm.

With my friend, Melissa :-D

Homemade Lavender Honey Whipped Cream.  This took a long time to make but was super yummy.

Green tea cheesecake.  The recipe I am the most proud of from this weekend :-D came out awesome.  What better then to combine my favorite dessert (cheesecake) with one of my favorite drinks (green tea)?

Sugar free brownies with chocolate cream cheese frosting.

Oatmeal cinnamon pancakes made with coconut milk.  SO yum.

Kolach, a Czech pastry.  I know they are funny looking but the three people who tried them gave rave reviews!! :-D Yay!!!

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