Saturday, June 18, 2016

Part Two of Most Mouthwatering Food Moments of my Europe Living....

Hi All,

As those who have read this blog along the way know, I. Love. Food.  Its one of my favorite topics, both in practice and in theory.  I love to read about food, look at photos of food, cook and bake, I love to eat out. Whenever I travel, the food is just as much of the excitement for me as is seeing a brand new and thrilling place.  I love reading cookbooks.  I used to love to watch Chopped (back when I had a TV ;-)).  I love to write about food.  The list goes on and on.

Hence, food is something that stands out for me along the way, embedded within the adventures I have had thus far throughout Europe and standing out easily in my memory.

Therefore, without further ado, Part TWO of my most favorite food moments of the past 3 years ish:

My favorite cafe in Frankfurt :-) they know me well here.

What a heartwarming birthday surprise this was last year :-D I felt so blessed.

Tiny cupcakes in Berlin.  A sweet thing to stumble upon, so naturally I had to sample them.

Ate this in Budapest.  One of the best meals of my life literally.  Cost 5 euro.

Dobra Torta, a classic Hungarian cake.  YUM.

At Cafe Ruszwurm in Budapest with one of my BFF, Somayeh.  We split a few cakes between the two of us ;-)

Somloi Galuska, a traditional Hungarian sponge cake.  Somayeh and I LOVED this.

Another traditional Hungarian dish.  Egg noodles of some sort mixed with a sour cream/goats cheese and topped with red onions.  SO delicious.  Another phenomenal meal.


Dinner at Paprika :-D

Cafe in Cochem, relaxing with tea and cake.

Awesome lunch in Cochem with Andy.  Super tasty.

With Andy during our creepy castle explorations and road trip through Germany.  So cool!!!

Awesome Thanksgiving dinner party with friends.  Such fun!  And delicious food!!  Judith bought the turkey.  In a pot.  Love it ;-p

Typical German Christmas market food.  Potato pancakes with applesauce on the side, and potatoes cooked in some kind of delicious buttery fat and seasonings, delectable.

Another German Christmas tradition.  Gluhwein and these little bread men.

Mandys diner in Heidelberg.  YUM!

My favorite kind of bread ever, Brioche.  Even better, its dotted with chocolate chips!!!

A box of mouthwatering sweetness from one of my all-time favorite pastry shops, The Danish Pastry House in Medford, MA.

When I was home this past Christmas visiting, my Mom made her usual Christmas cookies.  My favorites.  She has made them every year since I was little around the holidays.

Boston Burger Co <3

My FAVORITE bean and cheese nachos ever.

Phenomenal pizza in the North End of Boston from Galleria Umberto

More Sugar Mama cake ;-)

My favorite green tea torte from Iimori in Frankfurt.

Frozen Yogurt from Yomaro in Frankfurt.  Mmmmmmm.

Literally one of the best brunches of my entire life, from a place called Roamers in Berlin.

Lunch at Sugar Mama (awesome quiche) with....

My Mom <3

Cafe Crumble.  Another favorite. They have excellent apple and berry crumble, hence their name ;-)             

Stay tuned for Part THREE!!!  Coming within 72 hours :-D

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