Sunday, May 28, 2017

Beautiful Bamberg, Germany

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of embarking on another mini adventure.  This time, with Bhakti, a close friend of mine over here.  She proposed the awesome idea with my upcoming move out of Europe that we do something different together.  Something special.  We decided on a daytrip to a scenic city in Germany.  Both throwing a couple of cities that interested us out, we settled on Bamberg.  Neither of us having been before, both after doing some Googling agreeing it looked gorgeous.

Fun fact: did you know that a large part of the city Bamberg has actually been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993?

Here's a 17th century map of the city.  How cool is that?

Just to name a few fascinating things that transpired here in Bamberg.  Did you know...

1. The witch trials of the 17th century claimed about 1,000 victims here in Bamberg, reaching a climax between 1626 and 1631.

2. In February 1926 Bamberg served as the venue for the Bamberg Conference, convened by Adolf Hitler in his attempt to foster unity and to stifle dissent within the then-young Nazi party.

3. Bamberg is known for its smoked Rauchbier (a type of beer) and is home to nine breweries, Brauerei Fässla, Brauerei Greifenklau, Brauerei Heller-Trum (Schlenkerla), Brauerei Kaiserdom, Keesmann Bräu, Klosterbräu, Mahrs Bräu and Brauerei Spezial, and one brewpub, Ambräusianum. Every August there is a five-day Sandkerwa, a kirmess celebrated with beers.

4.  The University of Bamberg, named Otto-Friedrich University, offers higher education in the areas of social science, business studies and the humanities, and is attended by more than 13,000 students. The University of Applied Sciences Bamberg offers higher education in the areas of public health.

Now, onward with the photo montage from mine and Bhaktis visit!

We were besotted with the displays in this sweet shop window ;-)  <3

We had lunch here, just down in front of the yellow café, called Restaurant Café Zeis (see it in the photo?)

Salmon covered in vegetables, lying in honey mustard dill sauce.  SO yum.

How absolutely gorgeous is this building side?

Bhakti and I marveled together that building after building was continually stunning.  Like Paris, everywhere one looked, they were met with a stunning view.  The architecture colorful, ornate, traditional Germanic with the timberwork, charming, just all really eye catching and lovely.

Such as this building.  My god.  Absolutely a work of art.  The windows look as though surrounded by lacey doily type material.

We walked down a long stretch along the river.  All of the houses below were across from us, just on the other side of the water.  Whoa.  Talk about a dream living local.  In one of these ultra charming, storybook perfect timberwork houses, and right on the water no less.  Awesome.

My favorite was the little green one, on the right-hand side in this photo above.  Surrounded by a bevy of roses.  Small, humble, charming cozy, and oh so inviting.  Love it.

A house covered in roses.  Jaw dropping.

I am loving the look of this tea.  Green tea with hints of mango and rose inside.  It was delicious.  So pretty to look at as well, eh?

We had the best time <3

Walking, talking, laughing a lot, taking photographs.  Stopping for a tea break as well as lunch.  Each reading our respective books, relaxing quietly side by side.  Alternating between lots of chatting as well as lounging quietly on the train ride. 

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  1. Love those window doilies covered in vegetables in the middle of that dill sauce.