Thursday, June 29, 2017

New England Bucket List for One Year

Happy Summer, all!

With my upcoming cross Atlantic move in just 5 weeks (!!!!), lots of emotions going on over here.  Many of which are not shockingly, contradictory.  Nervous.  Thrilled.  Filling with awesome anticipation.  Crushed thinking of the goodbyes to come.  Fearful of the unknown lying ahead.  Already nostalgic for the parts I already know will be missed about life in Europe (though who knows...maybe I will move back here in the future.  I am open to it ;-)).  Psyched for a number of aspects about being back in my own culture.  The list goes on.

Part of me does not want to go.  The other part of me is counting down each day with tittering joy.     

While my prospective plan is to live in Boston for at least my first year of being back, who knows what might end up actualizing.  As most of us adults have learned by now, life rarely goes as planned, eh?  And in most ways, that ends up being an wonderful thing. 

However, assuming Boston is where Ill be for that initial year, I have begun compiling a list of enticing looking eateries and spots that I've deemed are must visits/dos (and of course, as I'm doing so, will be reviewing and writing about each one of them here on my blog). 

So, without further ado....a sneak peek at that list:

3 Little Figs in Somerville, Mass (just outside of Boston).  Love the bright, sweet, intimate vibe to this place.

Barismo in Cambridge, Mass (Boston).  The lavender scones and cozy atmosphere secured this place a spot on my list.

Beantowne Coffee House in Cambridge, Mass (Boston).  The ceiling bringing to mind the great hall at Hogwarts :-D and loving the exposed brick and so cozy New England-esque interior.

Crema in Cambridge, Mass.  (Boston).  A tradition from the past ;-).  Cannot wait to revisit this one.  The cupcakes come in such fun flavors (such as Mexican hot chocolate, or chocolate rose).  The pastries are creative and mouthwatering.  The sandwiches, equally as awesome.

In House Cafe in Allston, Mass (just outside of Boston).  Not only does the interior look comfy and inviting, like your grandparents living room, but the menu sounds unique and intriguing (an extensive offering including several Middle Eastern dishes and bubble tea, to name a few).

Loyal Nine in Cambridge, Mass (Boston).  Resembling a sprawling farmhouse combined with a warehouse from days past vibe of sorts.  A largely wooded, rustic interior.  Warm and vast.  With free WiFi, an extensive lunch menu, delicious pastries AND a gorgeous patio to boot?  Im in!

South End Buttery in Boston.  They had me at the "countless sweet treats and pastries" on the menu.  And gosh, how romantic does this place look?

Wired Puppy in Boston.  Loving the snug atmosphere.  Charming and intimate, with lots of that so New England exposed brick inside.  The fun name doesnt hurt ;-)

Acadia National Park in Maine.  Supposed to be one of the most scenic, breathtaking spots in the US.  I have wanted to visit this place for a long time now.  So gorgeous, earning a place on PureWows list of 25 Most Photogenic Vacation Spots in the US

Mike and Pattys in Boston.  Supposedly one of the best breakfast joints in the city.  They had me right there.  Breakfast.  Mmmmmm (queue image of Homer Simpson drooling).

North Street Grill in Boston.  Another supposedly superb breakfast spot.  The plethora of french toast flavors has me dreaming.  Flavors I've seen them serve up in my online research: Banana Bourbon, Cinnamon Roll, Crudité, Honey Oat Crusted.  The list going on, oh baby.

Cinnamon roll french toast <3

The Granite Restaurant & Bar in Concord, New Hampshire (the city where I am originally from and grew up in ;-)).  The breakfast menu sounds unique and especially enticing.

Heritage Farm Pancake House in Sanbornton, New Hampshire.  This one is a bit off the beaten path from anywhere I am likely to be.  However, regarding the atmosphere, totally in love.  Rustic, romantic, lit-from-within and cozy.  Like the most inviting of wintery inns.  And pancake as part of the name!?!?  SO down with that.

Trident Booksellers & Cafe in Boston.  Voted one of the best bookstores in the city.  Two floors of books and magazines, plus a restaurant attached, oh man.  Fantasies are already filling my head of afternoons wiled away here.

The Montague Bookmill in Montague, MA.  Apparently one of the best used bookstores in New England.  And holy cow.  Google this place.  The books are housed in a restored mill complex.  SO New England.  Totally charming.  And with a touch of mystery.  Additionally, one will find a cafe AND restaurant on site, plus a lovely outdoor deck.  I am so excited to make it to this one.

The Brattle Bookshop in Boston.  One of the oldest bookshops in the United States, dating back to the early 1800s.  Carrying more than 250,000 used books, plus an outstanding selection of out-of-print and rare books.  And how incredibly unique and way cool is the setting for this bookstore?  Love. This.  Absolutely awesome.

Gibsons Bookstore in Concord, New Hampshire (again, my hometown <3).  For more than a century, this shop has been serving up books in Concord.  They moved locations in 2013.  With an impressive cafe and lots of comfy seating.  Like a fine wine, Gibsons is getting older and better.

An Unlikely Story Bookstore & Cafe in Plainville, Mass.  The books are creatively displayed.  Every fixture has a fascinating backstory.  And the cafe is supposedly superb.  Holy, look at how completely magical, spellbinding and impressive this bookshop is.  Mouth dropped upon seeing the photos.  Now this looks like something straight out of Harry Potter.  That's for sure.  Super psyched to check this place out.

Also.  Upon returning to New England at the tail end of this summer, some major leaf peeping will be under way a month or two later ;-).  With my having been away for New England autumn for the last 4 years.  Majorly anticipating this one, as autumn is my very favorite season. 

Fun fact:  did you know that people come from all over the country to New England during fall to see the vivid, colorful explosion and symphony of shades all over the trees?  There is nowhere else in the world thats quite as vibrant during autumn.  Trust me, I've looked.

Here are some of the top spots of leaf peeping in the New England area.

And, some of the most awesome autumn activities in New England.  Combining leaf peeping with fabulous fun.

Annnnnnd, most certainly the signing up of a class at Grubstreet in Boston will be happening ASAP.  One of the leading creative writing programs and writing spots in this area.  No question, as soon as a job has been secured as well as living accomodations, I will be enrolling in a class here STAT.

And, the last one on the list.  Boston Public Library.  I will absolutely be joining this place immediately and spending at least one evening a week here.  Stunningly gorgeous, just, wow.  I cannot wait to sit here, reading, drinking a tea, and browsing the aisles.  <3 <3 <3  Talk about a dream library.  Jaw dropping, isn't it?

This is my bucket list for the next year or so of my life in New England

Because of course, not knowing whom I might meet...what opportunities will arise...where life may beckon me next, I want to drink in all of these incredible experiences and explore all of these awesome looking places while I have the chance.  Filled with anticipation at playing tourist in my home, as well as meeting many new people and building a totally novel, exciting chapter of my life.  I already know its going to be a fantastic one.

Queue drumroll....

Here I come! 


  1. These places will be lucky to be graced with your presence Brooke!

  2. It's been a while since I've been in Boston, these coffee shops make me want to book a getaway there! There are a lot of great things to do in Rhode Island as well, not too far from Massachusetts

    1. Mia, thank you so much for the comment. You are so right, there is TONS to do in Rhode Island too. As well as Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, for starters. You may have just given me an idea for an up and coming blog entry... ;-)