Sunday, June 11, 2017

Weekly Wanderings in Frankfurt and Otherwise.

Recent photos, food and adventures from the past couple of weeks...

Chocolate brownie quinoa bites.  Love raw brownie batter?  Or brownies in general?  Here you go.  But unlike brownies, this one is sugar free, dairy free and grain free!!!  Yet it tastes just as awesome. 
Here is the recipe, but be careful, its an addicting one.  I eat this a couple of times a week ;-p

Fudgy avocado cookies.  Grain free, dairy free and sugar free.  SO rich and yummy.  Want to try them for yourself?  Here you go!

Get glowing with this Buddha Bowl, loaded with good for your body ingredients.  Grain free, dairy free and nearly raw.  So delicious.  One of my favorite dinners. 

Another fabulous dish.  Grain free, dairy free, tastes rich and decadent with the egg and pesto, but its low in calories, filling and so awesome for you.  Here's the recipe.

Mixed berry pancakes.  My go-to brunching dish.  YUMMY!!!  Grain free, dairy free and sugar free :-D.  Here is the recipe.

One more Buddha Bowl.  Yet again, loaded with ingredients to get you glowing and feeling awesome.  Easy to make.  Grain free, dairy free and nearly raw.  Yet oh so tasty. 

One of my favorite snacks!  Coconut yogurt loaded with berries.  DELICIOUS.

Bamberg a couple of weeks ago with a fantastic friend of mine, Bhakti.  So much fun :-D

For loads more details on Bamberg, photos, food and such, click here for the full blog entry.

Bamberg (plus the following two photos)

Annnnnnd a week ago, the wedding of one of my best friends here in Frankfurt :-D.  Such an awesome day, attending the wedding of Ricarda and Dali.  For lots of details on the day, photos and sweet wedding moments, click here for the blog entry.

And, the last major life update.  See anything written along the length of my arm...??? ;-p  That is there forever!!!!!!!  For the full story on what it says, the meaning behind it, more photos, and what the experience was like, here is the blog entry.

Annnnnnnd....the biggest thing of all, in just seven weeks where I will be :-D

I am making the leap back across the ocean, moving to the Boston/New Hampshire area!!!!!!!!!

For the full blog entry with details on that upcoming major event, here you go!!

Boston skyline come autumn.

New Hampshire during summer (where I am originally from).

New Hampshire during autumn (CANNOT WAIT for this!!!)

(More Massachusetts/New Hampshire :-)).

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