Tuesday, June 12, 2018

11 Things I am Loving Right Now

A list of several things I'm loving at the moment.  Maybe some will inspire, interest, or excite you too :-D

1. Fairy lights.  Atmospheric.  Magical.  Always romantic.  Adding charm, an inviting, enchanting appearance to any place along which they are strung.

2. Olive Oil Chocolate Truffles.  Smooth.  Creamy.  Decadent.  So easy to make, yet fancy and impressive.  Absolutely delicious.  Here's how to make them- just 30 minutes and you've got the most delicious homemade chocolates on hand, ready to enjoy.

3.  Romantic, beachy, naturesque weekends away.  Small seaside towns to explore on foot or by bike.  Sunshine, sand, and a great read in hand.  Swimming.  Picnics.  Hiking.  Dining on delicious and homey (aka not pretentious or hoity toity) food.  Making out with your love under the star scape at night.  Having a roaring fire and sitting alongside, drinking in the warmth.  Ducking in and out of little boutique shops by day.  Taking photographs.  Stopping for tea and cake.

A list of the best New England beaches, for your summer time adventuring inspiration ;-)

4.  Dessert subscriptions by mail.  Life changing discovery over here.  How cool is this?  You can get, for example, a box of 6 cookies delivered to your door once a month!  Not so much that its overkill or you are doomed to gain weight on said a delivery, but just enough thats its a tasty treat to yourself and lends to excitement and ancitipation for such.

For a list of decadent and delicious dessert subscriptions, here you go.

5.  Rye pancakes.  Just made these for the first time the other day, and man oh man, are they good.  Light, fluffy, sweet, and cinnamony.

Heres a recipe I love.  Rye Pancakes with Camelized Pears and Maple Syrup.

6.  Nonfiction reads.  To name a few excellent ones Ive read as of late, laden with life altering ideas, insights, and thoughts within each of the above books.  Highly recommend all of them.

7.  The macarons at the Thinking Cup in Boston.  Some of the best, save for Paris, that Ive ever sampled.  Just the right texture of chewiness, moist, with the shell giving way to a subtle amount of flakiness.

8.  Sing, Unburied, Sing.  I haven't read a fictional book in quite a while, but this one has me hooked.  The narration jumping back and forth between JoJo, a boy coming upon his teen years and growing up within what seems to be a pretty heartbreaking family situation (albeit, with light, tenderness, and hope laced throughout as well), and his mother, Leonie.  A young drug abuser, and generally absent, neglectful mother.  The writing in this book is beautiful, the story emotionally moving and gripping.

9.  Writing.  I know, I know, this is on every "11 Favorite things" list ;-).  Thats because though, its one of my greatest passions and loves in life.  I couldnt live without writing.  Its how I express myself, make sense of things, reason out situations or certain moments.  Its a means of sharing my heart and thoughts, both with myself and with others.  Writing for me is akin to breathing.  Ever on my mind.  Feel an exhalation of relief coupled with joy whenever doing it.

Recently, I took two classes at Grub Street Writing School in Boston, a place I highly recommend for those interested in writing.  "From Moments to Memoir," and "The Self Implicating Personal Essay."  I especially loved the latter.  Absolutely awesome course.

10.  Unique jewelry.  Especially raw stone rings.  Though I also love eye catching earrings, or classic with a unique twist necklaces.

Where to find these gorgeous raw stone rings?  You can go to Etsy and search "Raw Stone Rings."

You can also Google "raw stone rings."

Same with loads of other unique, eye catching, handmade jewelry.  Etsy is a great spot to search.

11.  Adventuring to lesser known locales.  To name a few on my list...

--See gorillas in the wild in Africa (there are only about 600 mountain gorillas left.  Highly endangered.  Ive heard seeing them in the wild is one of the most awe inspiring experiences a person can have).


--Blagaj and Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

--Travel all over Japan (to Kyoto, take part in an authentic Japanese tea ceremony, visit the temples and hills of the countryside).

--Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.  (Click here to check out 11 unique animals you would see in the Galapagos!)



--Namibia (Africa).


--The Seychelles.

--Rio de Janeiro in Brazil

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