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Boston Restaurant Bucket List

For most New Englanders, Boston is seen as a happening and enticing spot among the stretch of inviting locales that is New England.  Chock full of picturesque history, and the landscape an endlessly lovely, picturesque and varied one (from the brick lain, gas lit street lamped Beacon Hill, to the grassy respite of the Commons).  The city is small enough to give an aura of charm and coziness, though large enough that one would never need worry about feeling left wanting.  And of course, boosting a booming food scene.  Another worthwhile addition to the list of why Boston is the bomb.

To start off the list of places I am hoping to dine at within the next year ish...

Sweet Cheeks.  Supposed to be pretty phenomenal, top-notch BBQ here, complete with quintessential Southern sides such as buttermilk biscuits, macaroni and cheese, and coleslaw.  And check out the restaurant space- looks like somewhere the most hickish and down to earth of hoedowns would break out at any minute ;-).  Love it.

Beat Brasserie.  Supposed to be a 60s themed, laid back, hippie esque, yet oh so trendy bar.  I feel as though one could conceivably be sitting here having a drink and just might see the ghosts of Janis Joplin, Hendrix, or Jim Morrison wandering by.  Seems that kind of spot ;-).  Right up my alley.  Sounds and looks like an awesome spot.  Check it out here.

The Beehive (for drinks, and maybe apps too).  Totally hip, shabby chic glam, sensual, bohemian atmosphere.  Looks like a place you'd wander into during the 1920s in Paris where there would be lush, sensual dress and looks between people abound.  Love this place.  Ive only been here once for a drink.  Cannot wait to go again.

Puritan and Company.  Supposed to have a bomb brunch here.  The atmosphere is nothing to write home about, but Ive heard the food is phenomenal.

Whole Heart Provisions.  Sure, the space itself has kind of a fast food feel, ish.  However the food is far healthier than a lot of counter service restaurant food one will find nowadays.  Therefore, if on the run for a quick meal and want to eat something you wont feel horrible about, Whole Heart seems a promising choice.  Fresh, vegan, veggie laden.

SpyceGo here for a futuristic experience, in which a robot will cook your dinner.  Shockingly, they've gotten great reviews on taste.  I just want to check this place out once, to see what the deal is ;-) sounds pretty neat.

Cuchi Cuchi.  Small dishes from all over the world, including China, Italy, Spain, Greece, Russia, the Middle East, and so on.  The ambiance is unique, romantic, old world, and elegant, with a burlesque twist.  There's even an interactive LED table you can request sitting at.  Looks like a lot of fun, as well as serving up a plethora of delicious eats.

Southern Proper.  Love the look of this place.  Rustic and bright.  Authentic Southern food offered up, coupled with awesome reviews for your chowing down pleasure.  I'm imagine KFC type of foods, but upscale and swanky.  The real deal if you will (instead of garbage fast food).

The Gallows on Halloween!!

The Gallows (for brunch, appetizers, or drinks.  All sounds awesome here).  The food here, excellent reviews all around.  This restaurant is housed in a part of Boston where public hangings actually used to occur, hence their namesake.  

Here is a short, sweet, rather fun article about the Gallows worth reading.

Sample the Croque Madame at MET Back Bay.  While the atmosphere is nothing to rave about, what you come here for?  Apparently, the Croque Madame.  Ive had a couple in Paris that were phenomenal.  Would be stunned and psyched to find the same on this side of the pond.  The requisite to a truly awesome Croque Madame though?  Béchamel sauce.  If it doesn't have it, while it may still be good, its not going to knock your socks off.

Dessert at L.A. Burdick.  One of the most swanky, inviting, colorful and lovely sweet shops in Boston.  Known for their decadent and delicious hot chocolate, as well as their tiny chocolate mice, this place has ultra fancy, enticing desserts.  Come to sit for a hot drink and something not only sweet, but beautiful too.


The "Fantasy Tea" at L Espalier.  Or, "high tea" at one of the other recommended spots in Boston.   

Check out this short article for a list of the best places for afternoon tea in Boston.  They all look DELISH.

Forge Baking Company (for both, a meal and then dessert).  Here, they serve ice cream, and its awesome.  Further, the décor is such fun, like an old fashioned ice cream bar, commingled with trendiness and a bright, woody look.  The bakery/restaurant side has an old warehouse feel that's been converted into a huge open dining space and, again, bright, woody, airy feeling type deal.  A bit out of the way in terms of their location, but a great place to go and eat something super yummy.

Eastern Standard.  The food looks mouthwatering.  Also, I had two interviews here for the Executive Assistant position, so am further intrigued to try the food, after having had that potential connection and experience.  The ambiance is kind of sultry, cozy, upscale, and lush.  Looks like a lot of fun.

Lincoln Tavern for brunch.  See the photos?  Enough said.  This place is on numerous "best brunch in Boston" lists.  Towards the top of mine now for sure.

FoMu, not just ice cream but other dessert samplings.  The ice cream here is vegan, made with coconut milk, as well as the other desserts being vegan too.  I was shocked to find it was some of the best ice cream Ive ever tried.  Definitely go here and sample.  You wont be disappointed. 

Scampo for dessert.  The desserts here are supposed to be bomb.  As well as, are made and plated as though fit for a King or Queen ;-)

Café Madeleine.  For a taste of Paris in Boston, look no further than Café Madeleine.  Another place I am especially interested in trying.  Curious if their sweets will be of the caliber one would find in France, as well as interested in checking out the atmosphere.  I'm always enticed by Parisian sweets, whenever I can find them ;-)

Matcha Crepe Cake.

Lady M for cake.  Supposedly some of the best cakes in Boston.  Not much more needed to be said about that... ;-p

Pho Basil. Authentic Vietnamese food, said to be delicious (they have rave reviews), and with a low price tag to boot.  I'm in!

City Feed & Supply.  With an array of unique sandwich combinations on their menu.  They are a grocery store, café, and deli.  They have breakfast sandwiches, hot grilled ones for lunch time, cold sandwiches, salads, as well as vegan offerings.  Along with supposedly yummy hot drinks and more.

Myers & Chang. Supposed to be phenomenal Asian food.  Upscale, creative, delicious, fun.  Check out how mouthwatering the food in those photos looks!?

Cocobeet is a fully plant based food and drink spot.  They offer juices, smoothies, vegan salads, and more.  Its not much of a sit down restaurant, more of a take something to go.  Still, it looks worthy of sampling.

Oleana.  Supposed to be an awesome Mediterranean restaurant with delicious food and a romantic atmosphere.  The outdoor patio is also inviting and lovely.  This place is near the top of my list for sure.

Harvest.  Their food celebrates the "modern American table," with a homey but artistic twist, at least from the photos Ive seen.  Another one, like Oleana (just above) with rave reviews, though on the pricey side.

Freshii.  Granted,its counter service.  But its said to be really healthy, fresh, veggie based dishes that are great for you.  On the go and want something reasonably healthy?  This place seems like a safe bet.

Veggie Galaxy.  This old school diner style restaurant is all about the vegan and vegetarian dishes.  They also have a jaw dropping dessert display, which I recommend coming in just for that.  This place is another one near the top of my list of wanting to try.

Farmstead Table in Newton, MA.  A cozy farm to table eatery in a bright, organic, lovely little café setting.  How cute is this spot?  And, food that's loaded with good for your body ingredients too.  As well as, situated outside the hustle and bustle of the city center.

There you have it folks.  Happy eating in Boston :-D

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