Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fantastic Facets of Life!

Of course, there are thousands, no literally a million more wonderful things within life that are just the best.  But today I found myself thinking about this.  The great things in life as a general topic.  Things that are exciting and wonderful.  And then further found myself writing down a list :-)  So I thought I would share the finished product here.

So, folks, here it is.  My personal list of 42 Outstanding Aspects of Life!

  1. Decadent, rich chocolate cake.  Also, if the cake is warm and served with a side of vanilla ice cream, no complaints over here!
  2. Bienenstich.  A new-found favorite dessert.  And oh man, is it good.  Had I not come to Germany, I may never have discovered this sweet gem.
  3. The fun of being engrossed in a great book and looking forward to when you can re-open it and fall back into the story again.
  4. The delicious anticipation and build-up to a first kiss with someone you really like. 
  5. Hand written letters.  In an almost-totally electronic world, hand written letters are a rare and wonderful thing.  Personal, romantic, hinting at effort and a keepsake to be sure. 
  6. Warm spring/summer days and the new found chance (now that winter is ending) of being able to just sit in the sun, feeling the rays on your skin, eyes closed and relaxing. 
  7. The inexplicable comfort that comes from spending time with a person you feel close to, safe with, comfortable with, even loved by.  It's wonderful, freeing and fulfilling.
  8. Picnics.  The food.  The sun.  Lounging.  Hopefully in good company.  Maybe some cards or games.  GREAT :-D 
  9. Realizing with awesome surprise that in fact, you have more money then you thought you did!
  10. Devouring a truly delicious, juicy burger.  Oh.  Yeah. 
    Yes, two photos were required to convey the AWESOMENESS of this burger.  The Hot Mess.  Winner of 2012 Best of Boston Burger Award.  SO mouthwateringly good.

    The Hot Mess.  Once more.
  11. Swimming in the summer time.  The cool refreshing feel of the water surrounding your body, and then drying off in the relief of the toasty sunshine.
  12. Giving someone a great gift that took some thought and effort.  And then watching their face as they open it.
  13. Connecting deeply ith someone emotionally.  These moments are rare and special.
  14. Homemade Macaroni and Cheese.  The BOMB. 
  15. Christmas time.  All of it.  The Christmas lights.  SO much delicious food.  Fun parties with friends.  Snow (hopefully) blanketing the area of the earth where one is living ;-) so pretty and a must for Christmas time.
  16. The feeling you get when you are able to make people laugh.  So cool.
  17. Friendship.  Just in general, what an awesome thing.  One of the few totally voluntary things in this world.  A friend is in your life, simply and totally, because they want to be.  What an incredible honor and gift this is.  (Most other relationships in life, with colleagues, family members, and even sometimes sadly, romantic ones can contain some air of obligational feel or duty to them.  Even if you generally like/love/care for that person.  Friendship is the only type of relationship with no obligation at all.  Really neat).
  18. There is something about getting together with people whose company you enjoy after work in the summer time.  Drinks, food, sun, walks, cafes or parks, all great.
  19. Summer time in general.  I feel summertime elicits feelings of excitement, something carefree, of possibility, romance, longer days, adventure and fun.
  20. The feeling of laughing with someone, really, really hard :-D
  21. Chocolate chip cookie dough (yes, raw haha) with a large glass of milk.  Or.  Chocolate chip cookies, warm, right out of the oven with a huge glass of milk on the side.  Oh. Yes.
  22. Traveling.  SO thrilling.  Everything, from the anticipation leading up to the trip, counting down the days and planning everything.  Then the joy and adventure of experiencing the actual trip, visiting a new place and doing all sorts of fun things there!  And finally, even after the trip has concluded, the amazing memories you are left with, along with hopefully some great photos. 
    One of my favorite travel moments.  Though I have MANY.
  23. The deliciousness and satisfaction of eating a really delectable, yummy meal.
  24. Being surprised by someone, in a great way.
  25. The moments and times throughout ones life when you realize (and re-realize) that you are stronger then you think you are.
  26. The fantastic feeling from within that comes when you are really well dressed ;-)
  27. Cupcakes.  No more needs to be said.
  28. Animals of all kinds, though especially cute or baby animals.  Things like dogs, cats, monkeys, foxes, elephants, little spindly-legged baby giraffes (I personally would put frogs on my "cute" list, though I doubt many others would agree). 
  29. The adrenaline rush you are FILLED with when riding a fast, looping, towering rollercoaster.  The BEST!!!! 
    The Top Thrill Dragster in Ohio.  420 feet tall.  90 degree angels.  Goes from 0-130mph in 4 seconds flat.  I rode this.  INSANE!  The ride is over in 18 seconds flat.
  30. An occasional afternoon nap.  On the right day, in the right moment, so cozy and refreshing.
  31. Knowing you captured a really neat or especially stunning image on film. 
    Cinque Terre in Italy- photo taken by myself

    Notre Dame in Paris- photo taken by myself.

    Paris.  Photo also taken by me.
  32. Being hugged close by someone you care about.
  33. Dancing.  In the right moment and mood, SUCH a blast!
  34. Kicking back on the couch and watching a fun, gripping or interesting movie or TV show.
  35. Having someone you care about confide in you.  Such an honor.
  36. Cuddling up under a blanket with a great book or movie (ideally a roaring fire is nearby you inside) during the winter time.  So cozy. 
  37. Being the recipiant of a genuine compliment.  Also, giving one and seeing the recipiants face.
  38. Putting the time into baking or cooking something really good and then enjoying people's reactions as they taste the meal you created.  Such a fun thing. 
    Baked this Ombre white chocolate blue berry cake for a party a couple years back.  SO moist and delicious.

    And check out the inside!!!!  Way cool :-D  Loved this.
  39. Attending a really fun party!
  40. How your body feels after a really great workout.  Stronger, happier, energetic, bad-ass.
  41. Days at "Camp" (aka my family's cottage on Lake Superior where I spend one week almost every summer growing up).  Swimming in Lake Superior, walks on the beach, lounging with a book, go-karting, nights on the beach having bon-fires and lots of interesting conversations. 
    Just lounging by lovely Lake Superior.

    Inside our "Camp."  My favorite room.  The living room with the HUGE window and awesome view of the lake.

    Bonfires on the beach.  The best.
  42. Finding a new song that you just LOVE.  And then listening to it again :-D

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