Sunday, May 4, 2014

Powerful.  That is the mood I am going for in terms of my post today.

Incredibly moving speech about How to Truly Live Before You Die.

The speech is about 15 minutes long, but it will be well worth that small amount of time taken from the rest of your day.  The speech is thoughtful, moving and inspiring.  Absolutely thought provoking.  I suspect after watching it, later on you will find yourself conjuring up some of the things he said, rolling them around in your mind and giving it some more thought.

Smiles and sweetness.  Another mood I am going for in terms of this post.
A truly adorable conversation I had a few days ago at school with one of my students while outside on the playground.
Her name is Lucia.  She is 5 years old.

Lucia (speaking to me), with giggly excitement and a look mischief on her face: "Brooke, you will never guess what!  Philipp and I just kissed.  On the lips!!!"
Me, looking at her with a smile: Really??  Well, so how did you like it?
Lucia, giggling in response: It was a lot of fun!!!
Brooke: Wow.  Sweet!  I am so glad to hear it was a fun time haha.  Who kissed who?
Lucia: We both did it together, at the very same time.  It was great!
Brooke: Awesome, Lucia (then gave her a thumbs up).  I am happy you had fun!

Lucia then runs away giggling, back to the other kids, as I am left chuckling to myself.

:-D I love children.  They are just the best.

And finally, Inspiration.  The last thing I am going for within this post.  See below for some hopefully inspiring words.

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