Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Frankfurt photo shoot!!!

My photo-taking-partner-in-crime on this photo shoot (and good friend), Dali!!!

The area around where I work.  Reminds me of Boston/Chicago a bit!

Annnnnd Dali and I made a tea pit-stop in this Starbucks on the corner!

Tea time :-D and chocolate of course.

Dali capturing the creepy red-eyed ducks on film!

Very famous Romerberg Square in Frankfurt!  So very traditional German ;-)

And lots more Romerberg!

Reminds me so much of the "Bridge of Sighs" in Venice!!  Prisoners were brought under this bridge by boat on their way to be executed!  Hence the heavy sighing ;-)

Obviously.  The requisite doughnut stop ;-)

With my great friend, Somayeh.

Tea and cake with my lovely friend, Jana!

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  1. Nice pics! Frankfurt looks like a happenin' place. Very beautiful and picturesque. The desserts are making me hungry, but I know I have to resist those calories at my age.