Thursday, May 1, 2014

Photo Expose of Frankfurt Activities...

Tea in the famous Rommerburg Square in Frankfurt with my lovely friend, Sally.  This was the view from where we sat for about 3 hours, just chatting and drinking our warm beverages together.

More of the square...

And a snapshot of our various beverages :-D
Along with a video clip (see below) of the activity within the square as we sat.

My new room, within my new digs in Frankfurt!!  Love it.  So bright, so big, cozy at night.

Small snapshot of the view out one of my windows.

LOVELY picnic on my bed (as it was too cold and drizzly for outside) with my friend, Francine.  She brought almost all of it!!  We had baked puffed pastry filled with spinach or feta, rice/tuna/olive salad, brie cheese with grapes and dessert bread topped with a light sweet glaze and a sprinkling of pistachios.  SO tasty.  Such a great time.  We hung out for around 3.5 hours, played Mancala, Yahtzee, talked, ate and listened to music.  A wonderful time.

And to end this blog post, quote of the day:

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