Sunday, November 16, 2014

A European Thanksgiving

The menu was: turkey of course, which came out great!  Success on that :-D.  Side dishes included stuffing, a make-your-own-baked potato bar, salad with avacado, tomato, corn and onion, green beans wrapped in baconmashed pumpkin roasted with butter and brown sugar, brown seeded German bread with a mango spread for topping and cranberry sauce made from scratch.

Dessert was homemade pumpkin pie with a made-from-scratch shortbread crust and American-style brownies swirled with sweet cream cheese on the top (I used the last box of brownie mix that my Mom had mailed me this summer for a birthday gift.  Sniff :-/).

The meal was a huge success!!!

Three of my close girlfriends here in Frankfurt. (Left to right: Francine, Somayeh, me, Judith).

What to do with all that leftover pumpkin mixture...??

Pumpkin pancakes sounded like a great idea <3


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