Friday, November 7, 2014

Photo Montage of Recent Fun (mostly food related)

This is the location of mine and Judiths 6th meeting for Sweet Meets!  We went to a bar called Rinks (see the photo above and the following ones) to have a few drinks and play some (hopefully) fun games!  There ended up being 7 of us.  Initially I felt hesitant about this, hoping it would still be fun and was feeling a bit bummed that more people had not RSVPed yes.  My worries were quickly put to rest.  It was a blast!  Conversation flowed easily, there was lots of laughing, and the question game I created was a hit!  Lots of fun, interesting and even touching stories came out because of the questions I had created.
I loved the bar, Rinks.  The dim lighting, fake fireplaces crackling on screen in the background, the slightly rustic decor, the feeling of coziness and warmth the entire atmosphere created, it was perfect.  I will definitly be returning here separately.

The game we played called "Ask Me About..."  Each person chose one.  Then at some point during the night, whenever another member felt like it, they could speak up and decide to ask that person their question.  Though each person should be asked their question at some point for sure.  This ended up being a hit!

Delicious Club Sandwich.  Though also, absolutely GIGANTIC!

And this is my new classroom!!  I started this past Monday, November 3 at a new bilingual kindergarten.  I am working with two year olds now instead of five year olds, so less on the teaching side in that sense.  That is slightly a bummer for me.  I LOVED the teaching.  But this job is more money, and since I have the chokehold of student loans wrapped around my neck, I have to go where the money is.

There is one thing I have already come to really look forward to with this job though.  Each day, the kids wake up from their napping at around 2pm.  We get them dressed, change their diapers and then their parents come to pick them up at around 2:30pm.  One little Boy, white blonde curls and big blue eyes, Leo, is almost always the last one to be picked up. 

He and I have started reading each day in the corner together (see photo below).  I love this.  I called to him and he comes running over to me where I have a small pile of books waiting beside me.  He sits against by side and I read to him.  We discuss each book in depth, Leo making little observations about the pictures ("Whoa, that is a little one!) and talking about the morals in the story.  He has a beautiful face, like a little angel in a stunning watercolor cathedral ceiling painting.  This is a main highlight of my day.


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