Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cell photos from the past couple weeks...

Apfelwein Solzer restaurant. Super famous in Frankfurt. It has the feel of a multi-room, cavernous, wooded interior, boisterous, slightly run down beer hall.Somayeh and I enjoyed monstrous meals of fish and potatoes. With of course, an Apfelwein.

Chocolates and tea. The best :-D. The chocolate flavors were: cinnamon and chocolate cake.

Missing this place. The Danish Pastry House in Medford, MA. They had incredible cakes. Wowza! 

Photo credit to my Dad, John English. Major nostalgia for this place. "Camp" in Marquette, Michigan. Where our family has a tiny lake cottage on the beach. Here are the waves rolling in.

Lake Superior. One of my favorite places.

A new blog update is coming within 24 hours. Promise :-) sorry for the pause!!

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