Thursday, November 20, 2014

Recent Phone Photos

One of my greatest loves and sweet baby boy, Bug.

Delicious sweet almond cake with tea.

This quote really caught my eye ;-) so true.

Delicious brioche roll with my tea during a desperately needed lunch break.

Scrumptious dessert with Somayeh!!!  Waffles buried under whipped cream and strawberries.  Yowza!

Another meetup outing with Sweet Meets!!!  We went to the Taco Haus in Frankfurt.  So delicious.  I miss yummy Tex-Mex food which was plentiful in the US.

Tasty lunch buffet with Sally.  I was pleasantly surprised by how healthy most of it was, while still tasting great!  I really enjoyed the pumpkin soup :-D

Trying to improve my style, so new Autumn outfit ;-)

Tea and dessert with Francine last month.  YUM!

This was excellent.  Mixed berries and sweet crumble with a lightly sweetened milky sauce to pour on top.  I was so impressed.  Great!!

And a few more good quotes for the day...

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