Sunday, November 9, 2014

Must have Life Experiences in Brooke´s words

Must-have Life Experiences

1. Falling madly, deeply in love with someone.

2. Daring to share the inner depths of your soul, your life experiences, who you are, all of this, with another human being.  And seeing that, despite your fear and hesitation, you will still be loved by that person.

3. Throw an incredibly amazing, blow-out, blast of a party, at least once!  With incredible food (ideally most of which you made yourself.  You will be glad you put in the effort :-)), great lighting, music, a few fun games and guests that have a great time and hit it off.

4. Take a solo trip somewhere, for at least 3 days, though ideally for 5-7 days.  You will be surprised by the peace you find with your own company, the freedom you will feel and enjoy, the relaxation, the feeling of confidence and capability this will fill you with. 

5. Master at least one recipe that you can make, both deliciously and practically with your eyes closed.

6. Find at least one book you have read that moves you deeply and stops your heart just a little bit.  You will find yourself re-reading it more than once, and telling people about why they MUST read it.

7. Throw a surprise party for someone you love, with their favorite people, foods and things to make them feel special.  The look on their face will be priceless and wonderful.

8.  Give someone you love a truly amazing gift that takes their breath away.

9.  Forgive someone who doesnt necessarily deserve it, but because your heart tugs you toward forgiving them.

10.  Have the courage to let go of people in your life that arent healthy or fulfilling relationships for you.  This will be hard at first and sad, but time will make it easier.  And then at some point, it will become clear that it was the right choice, and this made room for better people in your life, more suited to who you really are and the life you want :-D

11.  Read Harry Potter.  I know, I know.  You doubters are thinking, kids books.  Or, "I am not into magic/fantasy at all.  Forget it."  Well, these books are neither kids books, nor are they all about magic.  Magic makes up the backdrop details of the story.  The first three books in the series, yes, are more geared towards kids but an adult will still find interest and enjoyment in them.  But from book 4, they seague quickly into darkness.  There are a number of grusome deaths throughout the series.  There are adult themes of deep sarifice, lifelong love and what real friendship and loyalty are.  The stories are filled with action and suspense.  They make you laugh out loud.  You find yourself thinking of the story and the characters long after you have set the book down.  There are scenes that bring tears to your eyes.  These are books that, once you have read them, you will never forget them.  The books are moving, inspirational, scary, romantic, dark, explosive, filled with multi-layered plots, exciting and just generally incredible stories.  Its astounding that a woman began writing these on napkins in cafes one day.  Just, wow.  You would absolutely not regret reading this book series.

12. Eat a really mouthwatering, unforgettable, showstopping, gourmet meal.  It will be something you recount to people later on, the flavors and textures.  It will be something that you surprisingly will not forget.

What would you say is a must have life experience??  I would love to hear some other people´s own opinions on this question.

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