Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Coziest Cafes (my own personal favorites and thus, frequented often by me) throughout Frankfurt

Cafe Crumble

Awesome homemade cakes!!!  My three favorites from here :-)

Love this patio in the summer time!!

They have delicious brioche rolls here!!  The BEST with butter and raspberry jam.

Bitter und Zart

LOVE the glam atmosphere.

They have a really tasty, unique type of green tea here that is made with cherry blossoms!!!


The green tea cake here....phenomenal.

Sugar Mama
(my very favorite cafe in Frankfurt)

The cakes here are THE best I have found in Frankfurt :-D

Cafe Maingold

They have a lovely, incredibly inviting outdoor patio here.  And GREAT food.

This strawberry cream cake was BOMB!!!

Cafe Gretchen (Darmstadt)

The butter cake here...OUTSTANDING.

Super cozy during the winter time especially.

Cafe Hauptwache

This now trendy cafe used to be an old jail!!!  A number of notorious criminals were housed here.  So cool!!

They have a nice variety of scrumptious cakes here.

La Maison du Pain

The interior is super warm, cozy, bright and inviting.

The pastries here are incredible.  Top notch, just super delicious. Especially the croissants.

Coffee Fellows

LOVE the Oreo Pie here and the Carrot Cake Cupcakes.  Mmmmmmm.

Starbucks (but only the one on Fressgass Strasse in Frankfurt, as there is special significance to this one :-))

Its where me and one of my best friends have been going for countless meetings, cheesecake slices, heart to hearts and so, so many great conversations, for well over a year now.

Cafe Albatros

They have an incredibly delicious, expansive, and fairly priced Sunday morning breakfast buffet here. YUM!

And a lovely patio area during the warmer months.

Cafe Kante

Super delicious bread products here!!!  And a really sweet, cozy interior.

Kaiser Bio Bakery on Berger Strasse

A really bright, inviting interior.  And really delicious Bio desserts!!!  The Sacher torte here is especially good.

Balzac Coffee

This place is super cozy, and they have really yummy carrot cake and banana bread!!


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