Friday, August 21, 2015

The List of AWESOME!!

Hi All,

A couple years ago while perusing in the library, I stumbled across a title called "The Book of Awesome."  Though certainly not a literary marvel, the concept of this book was a fun one.  It listed literally thousands of things, feelings, foods, experiences, moments and aspects of life which are AWESOME.  One of my own personal favorites from the book was: "the feeling of excitement you get while dining in a restaurant when you finally see your food coming towards the table."  This is in fact, awesome.

Anyway, the concept of this book is a valid one.  Being that there are SO many totally awesome things about life, if only one chooses to look around and see it :-D  I feel like often times, we forget this and tend to instead focus on the things that stress us out, or that disappoint us, or that hurt or anger us.  What a bummer to choose to focus on that stuff.  Instead, we should be focusing much more on what is AWESOME about life!!!!

Therefore I have compiled my own list to share with all of you, which I have dubbed "The List of Awesome."  What an especially creative title, eh?  But in all seriousness, hopefully this list will get you thinking about the things that you too find to be totally awesome in life.  Or, if your life is lacking in "Awesome", this may give you some inspiration to add more of it into your life ;-)

The List of Awesome

  1. Riding a super tall, ultra fast, big time thrilling roller-coaster (or the free fall tower, another awesome one). The Top 10 Scariest Roller-coasters in the World (I have ridden a number of these myself...including the Top Thrill Dragster...Millennium Force...and #1, the Kingda Ka!

  2. Pumpkin pie with whipped cream on top, Chocolate cheesecake, Pain au Chocolate, Half Baked Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, Passion Fruit Cake, Oreo Pie. 

  3. Books that totally absorb, engross and grip you.  To name a few that accomplish this feat well: The Goldfinch, A Dangerous Fortune, The Girl on the Train, The Secret History, Gone Girl. 

  4. Flirtiness...banter...tension.  Loads of fun and totally sexy. 

  5. The anticipation and excitement of traveling to a new place.  Plus the amazing memories and reminiscing that come after the fact.  My two up-and-coming exciting new travel adventures: Berlin THIS weekend, and Budapest for a few days in October!!! 

  6. A blanketing, billowing, glittering, white snowfall.  Super romantic and magical. 
    Boston during the winter.  Totally beautiful.
  7. Those rare afternoon naps.  SO delicious because they aren't something most of us get the chance to indulge in often, and though they can be slightly guilt-inducing they are actually an ultra great thing. 

  8. The confident, powerful, glowing feeling you have after an especially great workout. 

  9. Having one of those conversations with someone that just really flows and clicks.  The time flies, you feel the connection, and thus, fantastic fun. 

  10. Finding your new favorite song of the moment and listening to it over, and over again, loving the energy and feeling it fills you with.  Until you get sick of it. And then find another favorite ;-p  (The songs currently on my replay list: Intoxicated by Martin Solveig- GREAT workout song, The Golden Boy by Parov Stelar, Gimme Your Love by Morcheeba and Midnight Rambler by the Rolling Stones).

  11. Making someone feel special...liked...valued...surprised...or loved.  The satisfaction that this then fills you with too, wonderful. 

  12. Getting a solid, outstanding nights sleep.  Priceless. 

  13. Scoring a new item of clothing that you love!! 
    LOVE these!!!!
  14. Wearing an outfit you feel amazing in. 

  15. Being reunited with someone whom you've really missed and care for deeply. 

  16. The first few kiss (tinged with tingling anticipation, such fun.  Well, assuming its good of course.  If not...different story). 

  17. Laying on the beach, the warmth of the sun blanketing you, the sound of waves lulling you into relaxation, a great book in your hand, no timetable or things "to do", just totally lounging and loving it.  This is the best. 

  18. Eating a piece of fruit that is perfectly ripe and juicy.  SO yum!!!  Especially when its a pear or blueberries. 

  19. The Wire.  Period. The very best of The Wire (beware, there are spoilers in here)

  20. Realizing that you have a truly stellar group of friends.  What an invaluable thing to have, this truly has the power to better your life in multiple ways.  Continue to make new friends when you find someone worthwhile, but also, hold on to these other treasures. 

  21. Great listeners.  These people are sadly, not so common.  And thus, they are awesome. 
    I would change the quote slightly to "it takes a great man OR woman" ;-)
  22. Mexican food.  Bombastic.  Especially enchiladas, tacos and nachos.  Mmmmmm. 

  23. Facing your fear or hesitation, and just going for something you really want.  You will always be glad you did this, and this is always an awesome thing, no matter the ultimate outcome. 

  24. The Library :-D  FREE books, hundreds to choose from, as many as you want, anytime. 

  25. Chocolate chip cookies, warm, just out of the oven, with a huge glass of milk.  Ideally Toll House brand, though not the ready-made-dough version.  The Toll House recipe that is listed on the back of the chocolate chip package that you must make yourself.  Yes, there is a difference. 

  26. Learning to walk in high heels.  Yes, embarrassingly, this is a feat I have only recently accomplished learning.  And its awesome. 

  27. Sitting in a cozy cafe and whiling away a few hours chatting with a friend, or on your own with a great book, doing some writing or even just relaxing and people-watching. 

  28. There is a beauty to getting caught in the rain on a warm day (cold days, now that is a different ballgame).  I distinctly remember a warm summer weekend afternoon a couple of years ago, while I was living outside of Boston.  I was out, going for a jog, and it started to DOWNPOUR.  My initial reaction was to run for cover, but instead, as I was soaked within 5 seconds flat already, I ran through the rain.  Awesome. 

  29. Learning a new song on the guitar (or your musical instrument of choice), what a great feeling!!!  (Just recently, I learned to play Man in the Long Black Coat by Bob Dylan on guitar!!  One of my favorite songs ever!!!  so cool).  And guitar just in general, though especially electric.  Hot. 

  30. Autumn.  Leaves changing color, the air growing crisper, new fall clothes, an explosion of delicious things to eat all flavored in pumpkin, a feeling of fresh starts and new beginnings lingering in the air.  Fall is my own favorite season.  Though whether or not its yours, its still an awesome time of year. 

  31. Laughter.  Whether in result of a funny book or movie, or a hilarious comedian(s) (Aziz Ansari and Louis C.K are two great ones...Comedy Central Roasts can also be a lot of fun), or just laughing while hanging out and having fun with friends.  Laughing is always awesomeHere is an hour with some of Louis C.Ks best stand-up!!! Enjoy :-D    One of my favorites of Aziz Ansari...his take on marriage. Pretty funny! 

  32. Romance.  Always, always amazingly awesome.  

  33. Adrenaline rushes. I have ridden this!!! If this doesn't get your heart pumping, I do not know what will ;-)

  34. Picnics in the park.  A quintessential summer activity, for sure. 

  35. Fireplaces.  It does not get much more cozy and inviting then this!!! 

  36. Fireworks. This is the ACTUAL fireworks show I watched with my Mom during the 4th of July in Boston, right on the Charles River, just before I jetted off to live in Europe. AWESOME.

  37. Charming city streets or districts. 

  38. All breakfast foods, though especially french toast, eggs, chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, and hash browns.  Also, all-you-can-eat breakfast buffets...Mmmmm.  

And actually, as I was finished this list I thought of a number of other things I could have added to it.  I could easily keep going.  But I will leave that to you ;-) to add your own items to the List of Awesome!!!